Paper water pistol. Pt II

A poem A paper water pistol filled with emotion…fluid feelings found flooding the pockets of his parchment shellsuper soaking the contours of the cavities where his headaches thudding from the night beforethe retrofitted facade of a manbarely holding backthe impassioned puddles forming on his brainthe episodic attack insecurely tricklesin droplets of consternating rainseeping out ofContinue reading “Paper water pistol. Pt II”


A poem in free verse A week flies by,Few words falling from fingers,Instead, They dance in the brain,Pirouette and sustain,Position,On the tips of their toes,They strike a pose,Preforming for a crowd of one,In a dusty theatre,That sees no sun,But, bright and living,Feeling,Giving,Whether booked in a playhouse,Of purposeful prose,Or, aimless artistry,Just creating,To create,We create, Because weContinue reading “Theatrics”

The laundromat

Haibun The laundromat is humming that anaesthetising old tune again. The washing machine says he’s sick of handling other peoples dirty laundry. The tumble dryer is going stir crazy that nobody appreciates his dry wit. I sprinkle some ‘Fresh Frangipani’ powder on the mundane. The concrete floor, washed with a grey gloss, is making meContinue reading “The laundromat”