Shadows swallow the earth from space

Poem – a shadowy Shakespearean sonnet Spacefarers spinning – dark, endless space fall no harness fixed to harness what we knowgrace falls on candles, windless and gracefulglowing pumpkins, Jack-o’-lanterns in-glowpostage to send rockets in this post-agecounted on stars, whilst earths wealth miscountedsage advice; to mistrust the circus sagemounted on motive, where heads are mountedfortunes beContinue reading “Shadows swallow the earth from space”


Trimeric poem In the dome, thoughts constellate in spaces dark and void of air,Neurons lighting up, as pixels in an infinite code,Programming which downloads a language unknown, and prone to glitches,An arcade of concepts consternate in phrases which won’t translate,Neurons lighting up, as pixels in an infinite code,8bit figments, which fragment and implode into blackContinue reading “Data”