Winters Breath

A Shakespearean Sonnet from the Southern Hemisphere As autumn crumbles into brittle parts,And lifted on a whisper of winters breath,Another season of the year departs,The clouds brief tears bear mourning of its death, Cold snatches the pearls of heavenly birth,To sprinkle twee crystal parcels in lieu,Bewitching giggling streams in sheets of mirth,Primed for pebbles toContinue reading “Winters Breath”


I enjoyed writing my first sonnet yesterday, so, I wrote another one… Heartbeat sultry, alone in the desert, Your love is a caravan approaching, A nomads flask tipped gratefully, quenching, Lips to lips, thirsting for romances curt, Arid dust clouds gust to breathlessly flirt, Stirred sharp sand lashing, thrashing, entrenching, Pool of haven – mirage!Continue reading “Mirage!”

Sonnet the hedgehog

This is my attempt to give a Petrarchan sonnet a modern world twist. Snatched as prey in an eagles terse talons, New vantage over the landscape, dangling, Boiling up within, gushes a hot spring, Wet feverish lust, fired up neurons, Grey eyes howling, celebrated icons, Scuttling close, heart pierced by scorpions sting, Mortal wounding, beatsContinue reading “Sonnet the hedgehog”