A lad in…

A poem 1993under Californian sunfor a single weekthis song charted at number 1Aladdin’s theme was a massive hitawoken from the longest dreamwith a faithful fitI rode a magic carpetacross a dark and mysterious skystronger grew the heartbeatin the 9 months that passed on bytill cradled on my mother’s bellya vital cry and limbs uncurled forContinue reading “A lad in…”

A Little Chirp

I’m nothing special,Mere man with a mind,I like words written,Versed free, blank or rhymed,Partial to poems,That sing from the page,Birds will fly freely,Left open a cage,Swooping for morsels, Daylight robbery,The perp with the chirpThe crafty birdie,Perched on my shoulder,Tweeting in my ear, Push the pen this way, It makes itself clear,Little creations,It’s having a hoot,WeContinue reading “A Little Chirp”