The Fall

A poem in free verse I cannot stretch my mind to find the cure,In as far,As I cannot stretch enough my muscles,I can’t even carry my own weight,Lest attempt the burden and trouble,That I drag on my heels,These sinews are strained,Uncooperative, stubborn, fickle,Beaten up and corrupted from years of abuse,For excess, or success,Battling hurdles inContinue reading “The Fall”

Drawing Circles

What if life isn’t a linear pathway to death? Most of us non god fearing folk imagine ourselves on a line, from A – B, birth to death. In the depths of the night, sleepless notions draw in and out like the tide, frothing up all the man made crap people throw away. I thinkContinue reading “Drawing Circles”

No children, no problems

Selfish, or selfless? World population is growing unsustainably. As of time of writing, world population is almost 7.9 billion. I’m rounding up, as based on data released by the UN, there’s 250 births every minute – that’s more than 4 a second – and 131.4 million a year, we’ll be there in a blink. ThatContinue reading “No children, no problems”

Goodbye Avery. Hello Mate.

What’s in an original idea – and how far does creative ownership go? Avery Mann, as some of you might have noticed, is a play on Everyman. When I started this blog, I was a little nervous putting myself out there. I felt more comfortable going incognito, so I chose a pseudonym. The meaning behindContinue reading “Goodbye Avery. Hello Mate.”


Wind captures wings, Lifts up to see the things, That most people only see, In photographs and on tv, Metal birds up in the sky, When dreaming high… Means more than just sleeping on planes… Counting clouds beyond the windowpane. Wind captures wings, Fly the nest to see the things, Above cerulean reflections of theContinue reading “Feathered”

Tip to save time, priority check rhyme

There’s far too much to think about, To fraternise with drama, I’d rather sit and ponder, a little longer, whilst I figure out my dharma, I’m not here to make friends, If I make friends, It’s a bonus, Place less emphasis on what people think, And let what you think of people be the onus.Continue reading “Tip to save time, priority check rhyme”

North face of my mind

If I don’t make it back alive, at least I laced my boots and I got out. I may have not quite paved the way, but I’ve walked the road and mapped the route. My name may not be recognised, my story, not regaled, but, I hope those who remember me, can recount a honestContinue reading “North face of my mind”

Take to the sea

Fruitful endeavours make for positive reflections, Take the first step and self aspire, push yourself in the right direction, Hardships overcome are the foundations of stronger institutions, Give a little more for a more fulfilling contribution, Broadening knowledge by not simply accepting preconceived notions, There may be lands beyond the sea, but first we mustContinue reading “Take to the sea”


Life is but a moment, would you really remember the day, unless dated and stated and filed away. A flicker in time, so brief is the way that we bounce through existence, not long do we stay. But we aren’t created vacant, there’s ways to be immortalised. We are sentient beings, can think and philosophise.Continue reading “Moments”

The awareness of things

The Japanese have a phrase which most clearly expresses the melancholic feeling I get when I think about how beautiful the human experience is and yet, how brief. Mono no aware 物の哀れ, もののあはれ – with the closest translation being “the pathos of things”. This emotion, so powerful and yet so subtle, for better or forContinue reading “The awareness of things”