I enjoyed writing my first sonnet yesterday, so, I wrote another one… Heartbeat sultry, alone in the desert, Your love is a caravan approaching, A nomads flask tipped gratefully, quenching, Lips to lips, thirsting for romances curt, Arid dust clouds gust to breathlessly flirt, Stirred sharp sand lashing, thrashing, entrenching, Pool of haven – mirage!Continue reading “Mirage!”

Sonnet the hedgehog

This is my attempt to give a Petrarchan sonnet a modern world twist. Snatched as prey in an eagles terse talons, New vantage over the landscape, dangling, Boiling up within, gushes a hot spring, Wet feverish lust, fired up neurons, Grey eyes howling, celebrated icons, Scuttling close, heart pierced by scorpions sting, Mortal wounding, beatsContinue reading “Sonnet the hedgehog”