Trading Cards

Double Tanka Pokémon Poem Bitter is the boy,Who traded Pokémon cards,For the next mans dream,Worthless paper promises,Which bring him no warmth inside, ~Years increase value,Some seek that which gave them joy,Whilst collectors laugh,Becoming Pocket Monsters -Life is a trading card game. Poem by © Darius the Mate What is life without community? I would love to connectContinue reading “Trading Cards”

Six weeks of summer

Those six weeks of summer, If I could have you even once anew, Then I could live a lifetime more, Savour sweetly, an everlasting haze, Of moments that came before,We waited with bated breath, School bell let go an animate ring,Precious hands gather hurriedly,As from seats we briskly spring,The school year was over,Summer holiday hadContinue reading “Six weeks of summer”

Nostalgia, it’s a hell of a drug

Whose that pokemon? Its Snorlax! Man, this dude has it figured out. I wish I could sleep like this guy. He’s got the work/life balance down. Shame, I’m more Electrode. Self-destructing. Don’t worry, for those who missed out or couldn’t care less, this post isn’t all about Pokemon. It’s about nostalgia. A celebration of childhood,Continue reading “Nostalgia, it’s a hell of a drug”