A coming-of-age narrative poem Little Johnny “Dimples” had a smile of warm bread. Grandma told him he’s a good boy, but, he wanted to be naughty, instead.Johnny said, I don’t want to play the goodie, I’m not a fan, I want to be Green Goblin, not Spider-Man!He kicked a can, head down, captured in aContinue reading “Dimples”


A narrative poem in free verse Smiling through gritted teeth,he nodded,before his boss,who plodded,on his fat little hooves,to his swizzle chair,“swizzle on this”thought Chris,who held out an imaginary middle finger,Only barely dared even in his mind,Herman Parker General manger,on the door, cut in lettering,that chained him,fettering,beneath,no matter his belief,of worth,warranted,that his mother spent years toContinue reading “Smiling”

Lug the Legless

A narrative poem Prologue Forsaking I, to fend in the woods,Undertaking trials of great peril,Those Druid, beneath cloak and hood,Caste off to scavenge as a feral,I ran errands for my sacred leader,Listened at his feet as he versed,For my devotion, labelled a feeder,On a sacrifice of blood was cursed,Now, I crawl through the undergrowth,Bone ofContinue reading “Lug the Legless”

Electric Seahorse

A narrative poem I won an electric seahorse,From Gypsies at the fair,A Roma women sung to me,Behind onyx black hair,“Born to be free,Over thunderous waves,Roamed happily,Till mans reins did enslave,Caught in a net,Lost upon foreign lands, Now, he’s your pet,Thus fate rests in your hands”Homeward my electric seahorse,To drop it in the tank, It gallopedContinue reading “Electric Seahorse”