Lug the Legless

A narrative poem Prologue Forsaking I, to fend in the woods,Undertaking trials of great peril,Those Druid, beneath cloak and hood,Caste off to scavenge as a feral,I ran errands for my sacred leader,Listened at his feet as he versed,For my devotion, labelled a feeder,On a sacrifice of blood was cursed,Now, I crawl through the undergrowth,Bone ofContinue reading “Lug the Legless”

Electric Seahorse

A narrative poem I won an electric seahorse,From Gypsies at the fair,A Roma women sung to me,Behind onyx black hair,“Born to be free,Over thunderous waves,Roamed happily,Till mans reins did enslave,Caught in a net,Lost upon foreign lands, Now, he’s your pet,Thus fate rests in your hands”Homeward my electric seahorse,To drop it in the tank, It gallopedContinue reading “Electric Seahorse”