Steel & Paper

A poem All transgressionswill landat the wrong time never the right time- no worse time – to bring downwith a heavy swingthe battle axe cracks bones loves cold steelcleaves parts strewn and inert~Sincere expressions will standthe test of time always the right time- no better time -to open upa light thing the battle mapnavigates unknownslovesContinue reading “Steel & Paper”

First Kiss

A poem in free verse The air was lively and brisk,The earth was homely and accommodating,The water trickled nearby with a zestful chirrup,The sky was feeling wild and experimental, The boy was nervous,The girl was calm, She lent forward, on the invitation of a flutter beneath his shirt,He met her with darting eyes which searchedContinue reading “First Kiss”

Another Morning Star

A nonet poem She is at home in words not spoken,The silence comes with a cute pout,Her wrath is a morning star, Hot, fast, and short to last,Flickered from the past,Those twinkling eyes,Shine on me, Burning,Wrath, Written to contrast Morning Star, a poem about love. This is my second nonet; a nine lined poem withContinue reading “Another Morning Star”


I enjoyed writing my first sonnet yesterday, so, I wrote another one… Heartbeat sultry, alone in the desert, Your love is a caravan approaching, A nomads flask tipped gratefully, quenching, Lips to lips, thirsting for romances curt, Arid dust clouds gust to breathlessly flirt, Stirred sharp sand lashing, thrashing, entrenching, Pool of haven – mirage!Continue reading “Mirage!”


Porcelain promises,Pieces lain broken,Swept into corners,Long lost, unspoken, Pink poisoned lips,Hot spiteful lust,Sweet ceasefire kiss,Cold uncoiled thrust,Harmonies of bladed words,Sing into guts,Operatic precision, Deep melodic cuts,Jagged withdrawal,Two lonely rooms,Resolutions grow distant,In embittered wombs. Original poem by © Darius the Mate What is life without community? I would love to connect with other nicecissists out there.Continue reading “Duet”

Poems for mourning

A poem for an elderly loved ones passing. Time is a constant, in the end it gets the best of us all, feel sorrow not, you’ll walk, but first you’ll learn to crawl. So, grieve now my child, shed all and be rid of your tears, for I have lived life to the full andContinue reading “Poems for mourning”