Paper water pistol. Pt II

A poem A paper water pistol filled with emotion…fluid feelings found flooding the pockets of his parchment shellsuper soaking the contours of the cavities where his headaches thudding from the night beforethe retrofitted facade of a manbarely holding backthe impassioned puddles forming on his brainthe episodic attack insecurely tricklesin droplets of consternating rainseeping out ofContinue reading “Paper water pistol. Pt II”


A narrative poem in free verse Smiling through gritted teeth,he nodded,before his boss,who plodded,on his fat little hooves,to his swizzle chair,“swizzle on this”thought Chris,who held out an imaginary middle finger,Only barely dared even in his mind,Herman Parker General manger,on the door, cut in lettering,that chained him,fettering,beneath,no matter his belief,of worth,warranted,that his mother spent years toContinue reading “Smiling”


A poem in free verse Dropping from her lexicon,As weighted hands,Dusted in earth,That spank the hide,Ringing in drummers ears,The rhythm of her voice,tames beasts of the desert,To her side She woke the creatures, Nipping bloody,At her heels,Tearing flesh,In trance,Deep into the darkness’,Insentient recess,Till the moon,Enriched her juices -Refreshed,She danced to the beating,of stretched skin,Soothing theContinue reading “Witchcraft”

First Kiss

A poem in free verse The air was lively and brisk,The earth was homely and accommodating,The water trickled nearby with a zestful chirrup,The sky was feeling wild and experimental, The boy was nervous,The girl was calm, She lent forward, on the invitation of a flutter beneath his shirt,He met her with darting eyes which searchedContinue reading “First Kiss”

Sand Castles

A poem in free verse We build our castle in the sand,standing proud, upright and pristine, buckets of expectation, become the mould, shaped according to its vessel, its straight edges can’t defy the breeze, the winds of changeGrains lifted, airborne, one here, one there, but it holds its form, threatened with nothing of substance, lightContinue reading “Sand Castles”


A poem in free verse A knock in three,I rise for thee,but, barely see, through the cigarettes,which went down for breakfast, two more worries at the door;I’ve been dreading this day,the Grandchildren come to play, One more second of peace before… Shrieking! uninvited joy,through the musty corridors,and into the high walled garden,the plants suffer,where attentionsContinue reading “Grumps”


A poem in free verse Duality; life and death,A new journey beckons me from the Duat,The strength to inhale each breath becomes onerous,The Kingdom of Osiris awaits, Judgement awaits.Who dictates my life,But for my own heart, Balanced against the feather of Ma’at,Judge away,For I am free of sin,Ready to address my assessors,A simple man,Who splitContinue reading “Judgement”

Where Fireflies Dance

A poem in free verse The dark centres of her eyes call to me as sirens,across savage oceans of bubbling seafoam –green and brown heterochromatic whirlpools –that suck men under.I would be foolish,a foolish man,to think there was any salvation to be found inside,yet this voyage has thrashed any resilience I might have had.I leanContinue reading “Where Fireflies Dance”

The Fall

A poem in free verse I cannot stretch my mind to find the cure,In as far,As I cannot stretch enough my muscles,I can’t even carry my own weight,Lest attempt the burden and trouble,That I drag on my heels,These sinews are strained,Uncooperative, stubborn, fickle,Beaten up and corrupted from years of abuse,For excess, or success,Battling hurdles inContinue reading “The Fall”


Wild and Free Versed The wildlife, don’t run in front of my wild-life, My wild wife, will give YOU trouble and strife,A cockney jingle, opposite words mingle,Leave this line single, Just because I can, Thoughtless cognition – a juxtaposition, My wild-life,Don’t run in front of my bees and honey, Keep that disposition sunny!For things willContinue reading “Wildlife”