The Dentists Chair

An oral poem We cut our teeth on each other’s lipsyour love grippedand rotted awayas tooth decayin the corner of my mouthreclining back in the dentists chairhere, in this placeI’m acutely aware of the colour of my ceiling the buzzing of the toolsdrilling deep into the depths of my being the dentist, all seeing I,Continue reading “The Dentists Chair”


A Quadrille Poem It’s standard practiceto treat disordered emotional states by severing connections;I, the emotional statedrifting through this continuum snatching evanescent fragmentstime lobotomising that which meant so muchtribal connections;surviving memories gatheredtogetherfor warmthlineal pathwaysscattered- fireflies of the hippocampus. © Darius the Mate A poem in 44 words, written for dVerse. What is life without community? I wouldContinue reading “Pathways”

Eleusinian Mysteries

A poem Since, long beforeAlexanders horsesquenched their thirst at the banks of the IndusWe, devotees of Olympuspraised youthe Corn-Mother- spurn the heathen Before even,Pericles had the Parthenon’sfirst stones laid at Athens grand Acropolislest it befit a necropolis I must thank you Demeterfor this grain, and breadwhich with fervour fedall who gathers here, at Eleusinionby yourContinue reading “Eleusinian Mysteries”


A monotetra poem Kisses that fall as summer rain,hot, heavy, sudden, lips; arcane,and just like that, downpours wane,to seep and drain, to seep and drain,The soil watered with your grace,darting buds bend toward your face,blooming into all open space,to rush and race, to rush and race,Tendrils slither around each night,in times of shadow, crows theContinue reading “Hex”


A poem, searching for my muse Resting softly on my sideon the sideof my non-bruised ribsI ponder where is my muse?the irony is not lost on mesearching the atmosphere at my fingertips the taste of the roomon my tonguethe smell of summerfrom the gardena forever gardenblossomed that circles the circumference of my imagination unendingthe ironyContinue reading “Gingerbread”

In the beat, the beat

A chant poem Pulsing, the beat, pressing, confessing, to my eardrums, it’s darkest desires, drumming out the serotonin, honing my senses, defences dropping, beat dropping, Those memories, seventeen, eighteen, mean nothing, without my memory, alive in me, these memories, living, I remember the days, those were the days, the days I can barely remember, TheContinue reading “In the beat, the beat”


An Earth poem for our modern times, inspired by Greek Mythology We the Titans reign,In Gaia’s Garden,Blood of Earthen vein,Through our bodies, flow,Mother, sowed our seeds,Fathered by the Sky,Uranus breeds,Greed in privilege,Fertile soil womb,Who bore and birthed,Held and weaned till bloom,Nurtures our nature,Mother, who gave life, Must bear the burden,Forever the strife,Of her kin atContinue reading “Titanomachy”


A quadrille poem Thinking thoughtlessly,ideas,often forgotten,if not jotted – Slotted,as gold coins,Let bygones be bygones,But,bygone minds,live on,in written word,Sung,and heard,from the jukebox,of ink and paper,Exhumed,when consumed, Risen,From the soil,voices,Oil,the cogs. Written for dVerse Poets Pub. © Darius the Mate What is life without community? I would love to connect with other nicecissists out there. Reach out, let me knowContinue reading “Jukebox”


Trimeric poem In the dome, thoughts constellate in spaces dark and void of air,Neurons lighting up, as pixels in an infinite code,Programming which downloads a language unknown, and prone to glitches,An arcade of concepts consternate in phrases which won’t translate,Neurons lighting up, as pixels in an infinite code,8bit figments, which fragment and implode into blackContinue reading “Data”

Minimal Effort, Minimal Results

Poem to minimalist photography Another shoddy report card,Dragging heavily in his top pocket,His shoes were shinier,Than his future,His excuses were brittle,Muddled alone in the browning leaves,With barely a hint of verdant,They had expired,Mother was going to flip out,Verbal acrobatics across the kitchen,No rolling out of this one,His knees knocked,One foot in front of the next,SheenContinue reading “Minimal Effort, Minimal Results”

Above and Below

Quadrille poem Small hours,Lipgloss smudged,She staggered on pointsOnlookers judged -But, couldn’t be her,For a day,Or, even see her,In any other way,Broken tongue,Eyeliner smeared,Cleopatraesque,The corners teared,Desperate silence,Cries without sound,Below the watery oculus- She drowned. © Darius the Mate Written for dVerse. What is life without community? I would love to connect with other nicecissists out there. Reach out, let meContinue reading “Above and Below”

Beast of Burden

A poem with Symploce, using Anaphora and Epiphora Beast of burden, am I, who carries this imp on my chest, purring, like an acid trip gone wrong, in sobriety, shivers of anxiety, sending vibrations through my being, I feel your breath, as a hum, in my body, an itch, as fleas, to beggars, corrupting, withContinue reading “Beast of Burden”

When Life Gives You Lemons

A poem in couplets They say; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,I like their optimism; let’s put that in retrograde! When life gives you vanilla, add lemons,When everything is beige, go bronze! Get some sun, top up your vitamin D,Or, a squeeze of lemon, for your vitamin C! When you’re feeling flat, and notContinue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons”

Opulent Ornamentals & Ponderous Peculiarities

A Quadrille Poem Lent, swaying, pitched on his chair, twirling stache, the devils red hair, Purveying contents, edge of his rocker; curio cabinet/luridness locker, – Prismatic jarred oddities, of wonder and fright, fingers of sunbeam, lambent light, Refractions, grotesque and exquisite – patiently planning, his heads own exhibit. Poem by © Darius the Mate WrittenContinue reading “Opulent Ornamentals & Ponderous Peculiarities”

False Prophet

A poem in free verse Overloaded with the vision, I spill parables, seen through the incision, of the all seeing eye, They dribble the chin, dragged up on the sins, they douse, Through the orifices, Of my inner self, On revelations, I gift their wealth, in my wisdom, Spewed at length, words falling, from stylisingContinue reading “False Prophet”

The Lion Queen

A poem She is my Lion Queen,Rolling beneath white linen, As sun rises over the scene,“Everything the light touches is our kingdom”,Bodies dressed in gold,As eyes patter out curled lashes,Diaphragms breathe bold,My mane nuzzles in her neck,I am her Lion King,Protecting the pride,But, she – she is my everything,Deep inside – she is the roarContinue reading “The Lion Queen”

Waltz of the Ages

A Waltz poem All for a piece of land,A city old as script,There was blood in the sand, Long before prophets gripped,Canaanites built the bones,Laid stones that formed great walls,Ancient foes cast no stones,In heat of West Bank brawls,Where rockets dance at night,Fear twinkles behind eyes,Right to left, left to right,Both claim principle ties,Twelve TribesContinue reading “Waltz of the Ages”

Ode to Owen

An Ode to Wilfred Owen in the style of ‘Dulce et decorum est’ Knives carve off limbs, flesh torn, dangling, serrated,As skin mangled from claws on Christmas Turkey,In war cries, angry men’s lives are narrated,The line between liberation and invasion is ever murky,Boys with blood sullied hands grip hair on severed heads,Those that could haveContinue reading “Ode to Owen”

Open Wound

Quadrille poem Past to the flames,Burn away,on the pyre,Intensifies in fire,Dancing behind eyes,Embers crack and fall,Turn to ash,Cauterise open wounds,Seal the tomb,Leave no name,There’s no blame,Just seared flesh,Wound with bandages, Of dreams and promise. Written for dVerses Quadrille Monday (its long been Tuesday here in Tasmania); create a poem in 44 words. Today we’re celebratingContinue reading “Open Wound”

Blue Planet

A poem in 15 couplets Violent storms savaged the vessel,In unyielding torrents, wrestle,My makeshift raft bobs on the swell,Bound for the inky depths of hell,Ship plunged down to the oceans deep,Hopes adrift, what fingers can’t keep,Indian Ocean, heavy hue,Swallowed up the souls of my crew,Woe! Beneath, water beats, fins peek,Despair lapping, over rolls, bleak,Wet cloth,Continue reading “Blue Planet”

The Hangman and the Heart

Flash Fiction I jostled for a pocket of airspace to observe – pried between shoulders of my ignoble peers, on tips of toes, peaking past plebeians. On tongues, the congested cobble stones roared with a frenzy at the culmination of the longest trial in the Shires history. The gallows stood stoically, silent, raised above theContinue reading “The Hangman and the Heart”

Reality Hits

Palinode to “Dreaming High” Prelude: Dreaming HighMum, said I, can I fly, with the birds in the sky?Yes, you can, before sleep, flap your thoughts, take a leap…Dreamt of wings, woke in bed, feathers dense, guilt in lead.Mum, said I, when birds die, do they fall from the sky? Palinode: Reality HitsMum, said I, asContinue reading “Reality Hits”

Sung from the page

Legs crossed in a figure 4, American style, to assert my dominance unconsciously – unnecessarily. Short clatter of glass and porcelain on the wooden table – a coffee – “Thank you” – dimples cove in cheeks – sugary smile returned. A library with a cafe… a winning combination. Balancing leg slides down over the topContinue reading “Sung from the page”

Harvest Season

A dry, savoury Southern Hemisphere sun, places an empyrean hand on my exposed cheek, almost hot to the point of discomfort, focused on one side, but with demure kisses of crisp autumnal wind tendering dotingly, it’s pleasantly tranquil – today promises to be clement and peaceable. Touches and kisses – A welcomed simplicity,Harvesting breaths, deep.Continue reading “Harvest Season”

Dreaming High

Mum, said I, can I fly, with the birds in the sky?Yes, you can, before sleep, flap your thoughts, take a leap…Dreamt of wings, woke in bed, feathers dense, guilt in lead.Mum, said I, when birds die, do they fall from the sky? This is my flutter at the prompt by dVerse. This poem usesContinue reading “Dreaming High”

Today, I bothered

Bright page under-lights,Skin beneath my face,I space, thinking of the chase,To snare the catch, Rifled shot, ringing in my brain,Beastly words gushing from the vein,Beating through fingertips,Bleed spoils of my bother,Spurting black, eyes wide, I hover. I’ll admit, I’m a pretty one dimensional poet. I love rhymes and I don’t really deviate. I would likeContinue reading “Today, I bothered”