Young life, ember burning bright, So jealous was the night, That it choked out your flame, Families sit in darkness, A long and barren starkness, Lives that will never be the same. Original poem by © Darius the Mate What is life without community? I would love to connect with other nicecissists out there. SeeingContinue reading “Eliza”

Unconscious resolutions

Nocturnal thoughts coo from the past, In the twilight of my waking hour, To lay upon the palate, Spoon fed on morsels sour, Unforgotten grievances morph heinously, In slumber, shapes of familiar faces jitter, Me awake, with a pinch of saltiness, And an essence flavourfully bitter, I slip back beneath my eyelids, Drawing shut theContinue reading “Unconscious resolutions”

Six weeks of summer

Those six weeks of summer, If I could have you even once anew, Then I could live a lifetime more, Savour sweetly, an everlasting haze, Of moments that came before,We waited with bated breath, School bell let go an animate ring,Precious hands gather hurriedly,As from seats we briskly spring,The school year was over,Summer holiday hadContinue reading “Six weeks of summer”


Time goes so fast when you’re having fun,So slow when you’re in pain,I try in vain, To sustain,A smile,The rain,Falls as frigid tears on my windowsill,To feel,The things that cannot heal,Only fester,And rot,A hot,Putrid smell,Of spoilt fruits,Pollutes,My pallet,So I cannot taste the joy of the earth,I birth,A flood,The pane,That holds back the night,Shatters,As I fight,ToContinue reading “Polarity”

The devil on my shoulder

A poem amount the fragility of mental health, anxiety and depression. Work, work, work away, Get up early, break of day, So little time to play, The devils on my shoulder, Scheming up something malicious, Whispering softly, don’t act suspicious, Turning a kind man into something vicious, The devils on my shoulder, The devils onContinue reading “The devil on my shoulder”

The new normal

Lies fragment lives, can we believe our eyes? Are we witnessing truths demise? Everywhere, bastions rise around serfdom cries Accept and submit? Your liberty dies. Nothing to hide? “Ok” then if our data is spied? Question, who decides of what we see is comprised? Everything we choose freely, a sweet goodbye. Original poem by ©Continue reading “The new normal”

Tip to save time, priority check rhyme

There’s far too much to think about, To fraternise with drama, I’d rather sit and ponder, a little longer, whilst I figure out my dharma, I’m not here to make friends, If I make friends, It’s a bonus, Place less emphasis on what people think, And let what you think of people be the onus.Continue reading “Tip to save time, priority check rhyme”

North face of my mind

If I don’t make it back alive, at least I laced my boots and I got out. I may have not quite paved the way, but I’ve walked the road and mapped the route. My name may not be recognised, my story, not regaled, but, I hope those who remember me, can recount a honestContinue reading “North face of my mind”

Friendships made, friendships lost.

A poem I wrote for a friend, who was feeling hurt, whilst finding it difficult to navigate a challenging friendship. Friendships made, friendships lost. Can be thrown away, but at what cost? Many years to form, so quickly gone. So little time I mourn, the friendships done. I don’t need you, if you don’t needContinue reading “Friendships made, friendships lost.”

Coffee and kittens

Bitter coffee, caffeinated thoughts, a living fidget in clothes, happy, distraught, A kitten runs gingerly, the motorway is alive, which way to go, flattened or to survive, I meow into the paper cup, I should stop drinking, I’d have better luck, at stopping thinking. Original poem by © Darius the Mate What is life withoutContinue reading “Coffee and kittens”

The peace paradigm

Childhood, a finger tip away, to jump and laugh, dream and play. I can almost touch it, yet today, never further, or more astray. Long summer days, they never ended,games came so easy, imagined, pretended. This fortunate generation, no innocence lost, drenched in mud and fire, grateful for the youth, far from the lethal mire.Continue reading “The peace paradigm”

Poems for mourning

A poem for an elderly loved ones passing. Time is a constant, in the end it gets the best of us all, feel sorrow not, you’ll walk, but first you’ll learn to crawl. So, grieve now my child, shed all and be rid of your tears, for I have lived life to the full andContinue reading “Poems for mourning”


Life is but a moment, would you really remember the day, unless dated and stated and filed away. A flicker in time, so brief is the way that we bounce through existence, not long do we stay. But we aren’t created vacant, there’s ways to be immortalised. We are sentient beings, can think and philosophise.Continue reading “Moments”

The revolution starts at home

I stood at the edge of the world,There was nothing else,Just the reflection,Of ones inner self, We need to take responsibility,How can some still be in denial?The world is changing too fast,It’s current state is far from final, Fossil fuel burns into our atmosphere,Over a billion car exhausts,We are all responsible to some extent,And there’sContinue reading “The revolution starts at home”