Rogets (insert [ghost] [spectre] [phantom] [wraith])

Poem Rogets ghost is restless in death collecting that, expelled with words- what’s leftmeaninghoarding breathlining up glass jars labelled so, not mistakenfloating through ethercoming together when shakentabled for the forever generationwith thanksdear fellowan apparition in ghoulish off-yellowstaring downthe great lexicographerthus styled face blackened with inkfrom word smithing long ago compiled into the first Thesaurus redContinue reading “Rogets (insert [ghost] [spectre] [phantom] [wraith])”

Mud dee mop

A nonsense-narrative poem (makes sense to me *wink*) Fo love o’ dee pub, slipping ta dee pubmake mine frothy, make eet bubowt dee castle, down dee brickseager clicks, clacks, clacks, n’ clicksKicks dee doors in, n’ av’ it up ya twisted tops, lickin’ dee liquor Fo love o’ dee pub, slumping ta dee pubswing deeContinue reading “Mud dee mop”

Care Bear

Poem I just care, a lot.I can barely bear it.Baring it all,I feel I’m notin my natural habitat.I lack the wherewithalto fightthe internalpelting frost.Bearing it all,turns me into a snowballpacked tightand meltingslowly lost. It can be difficult.- I can be difficult. In a state of tumult.I don’t mean to be grizzlyif my mood is black.WhenContinue reading “Care Bear”


A quadrille poem Hitherto,Erato blew kisses and, I wrotebody guided on impulse.Pursuing Thalia ones lost in the woods – there lies the trouble seeking the muse in natureleaves one open to garden variety inspiration.A seasonal harvestthe fruit enduresin the morning frost. © Darius the Mate 10-01-2022 Written for dVerse. Wordplay Pathway

Poem by Amy G. Dala

A poem They say you can’t be in two places at once … but, here I am, in this poem, narrating, coexisting with my half-witted, half-hung-over self, writing in half-baked-prose, wholly-cogitating over the clogged sink, woefully ruminating, thick as I think, imitating a mind, and lips, moving in sync,Im alright, mate. Liar. This is yourContinue reading “Poem by Amy G. Dala”


A poem Standing tall among my kind breathing deep the sun that shineswind, lifting limbs – unconscious mindthe slow dance of the pinesthe buzz that wakes me from belowfells me in the throes of youth humans singing let it snow wounds severed by the sawtooth with sap still sticky on their handsthey mount me inContinue reading “Crucified”

Law of ownership

A poem We don’t own shit.Give me a sandwich todayand I’ll give it back to you, the next- we don’t own shit.We don’t own money.We don’t own ideas.We can’t spell out our thoughts without borrowing language.Remember their face? Barely.Salt in water, dissolving. The taste of success fades.So too, the fear of failure. The factory ofContinue reading “Law of ownership”


A short rhythmic poem Knead the dough, boy dust the flouruse your knuckles let it rest knead the dough, boyneed that dough, boy feel the rhythm in your chest watching ladiesin the windowwith those dreamy boy doe eyes whispers whooshing passed the ovens keep your fingersout the pies. © Darius the Mate 02-12-2021 Wordplay PathwayContinue reading “Doughboy”

The troubadour

A Rimas Dissolutas poem The English call it a ‘French Exit’,to leave a party without a goodbye,and surrender out the door,in lieu of trading novel pleasantry,as socially conservative mercantile,prudent in saving seconds, let’s Frexit,no need for pomp, it’s not Versailles,though, I admire your buildings, Monsieur,for their historic architectural integrity,you may consider me a Francophile,you’re stillContinue reading “The troubadour”

Una vacanza romantica

A poem She waitedelegant limbs furnishing the lobbymusical heels behind the concierge He heardthe tuneful doves ambient coosaturated with charm, hovering expresso She lounged pristine pool water fighting wild fires sun dappled skin scintillated with richesHe readfull and brazenly basking in kindling rays admiring the architectural beneficence She atealone, ai frutti di mare in theContinue reading “Una vacanza romantica”


First poem of the year First days hop by like jumping frogs pen sits as stone club between fingerslimbs lie heavy as sleeping logswhere the smell of flash powder lingers how many pills must one swallowto cure this poets ache strummed forth by the lyre of Apolloink slithers the page as a snakechaotic are EnglishContinue reading “Eurydice”

Happy New Year

A poem Firework feet out the doorKeys tight in jeans, no janglesSplash of aftershave and a bit moreHair brushed neat, no tanglesReady to cut holes in the dance floorBoots making shapes, all angles “Happy New Year!” Over, they pour, Sky, reflecting eyes, with spangles. © Darius the Mate 31-12-2021 Wordplay Pathway

Battle for balance #Poem #Poetry

The blade of self doubtcuts a slit across the eyeballin which only uncertainty can fit rushing in a seditious mindyieldeda superior forceoverwhelming oddsburied beneath mudmongol thinking overruns the zen garden invading and rampaging resolve must harden deflecting a resilient mindwieldedhard as jade light as airfaithful to the bearerenvoy of the stateof mindlevitating between worldsto findequilibrium.Continue reading “Battle for balance #Poem #Poetry”

The afterlife

A poem December, ducking out the back doorstill drunk on holy merrimentbondsman, and the warrantor dangling the carrot of sanityturkey carcass martyred in teethgood sense, crying from vanity the oven cooling slinking to a lonesome end the apotheosis of twenty twenty one naive eyes watch truth bend with the other eleven wounded soulsskin particles inContinue reading “The afterlife”

A trip around the sun

A poem He was lonelybut it was painless January came silently in the night a carbon monoxide libido pill to kill any drive he had left Women spooked himFebruary was scary he, awkward as a bad wig secluded himself to work from homewith the ghost of Valentine roses March marched in, goose steppinghe feared theContinue reading “A trip around the sun”

Owls things?

A poem Whats happening here?I’m thinking Ok, what’re you thinking?About what I’m feeling What are you feeling?I’m feeling wiseHow so?A wise man once said; “mushrooms are more nutritious when cooked”Who said that? Me Not when you’re cooked, dummywhen the mushrooms are cooked now look at you …Who?YouHoo?what was that noise?YouHoo?there it is againIt’s you, youContinue reading “Owls things?”

Homage to the muse

A rhymed Kwansaba poem A present wrapped tight with family tieschilled brandy butter on warmed mince piesnowhere else I would rather be maced stuffing from my Granny’s own recipeher voice in the steam rising skywardliving on in spirit and by wordfor all, a full belly and heart. © Darius the Mate 17-12-2021 Written for dVerse.Continue reading “Homage to the muse”


A poem in uncoordinated couplets noun: duplicity 1. deceitfulness. 2. the state of being double ARCHAIC. Oxford Languages At 1 years oldas babe in armssweet as cotton-candyMummy from blushed lips blewdulcet lyrical jinglesspun sugary rhymesthey purled in the the air fingers in pigeon tuffs of haira runaway trainon piston kneesso innate she stood talland proudbouncingContinue reading “Duplicity”

Pantomime season

A Quadrille poem Painted facespantomime posterclowns on the TVbread in the toasterthe country is burning“They’re behind you!”scream the proles Omicron ducking behind confusing rolesno. 10 party preppingtinsel hand-chuffsfor lawbreakers cheese and winefor lawmakersfool me once … © Darius the Mate 14-12-2021 Written for dVerse. Wordplay Pathway

There are days gone, and days to come

A fictional poem, in a non-fictional world 1.Days dropped away -a countdownin maddening mid December running toward some prophesied narrative where everyone is grateful in my naivety I had come to think that meant in my heart, toobut, the nativity of another unwanted child-hood trauma re-emergingrears its bald and bloody headwinter had been generous, howeverContinue reading “There are days gone, and days to come”

Word Farm

A poem Poetry to the power of three, the sun will rise and fall to theeweaned on folk tales, and oral traditionsoil rich from witch burnings, of old superstitionwe shelter beneath the gables and decaying woodrearing words for tomorrow, so we be better understood. © Darius the Mate Photo prompt, written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. WhatContinue reading “Word Farm”


A poem Contains distressing content, with reference to consent. Five digits on the wheelfive fiddling on his phonetexting, as he drove the white on white Ferrari, he got on loanhe rode in to save her broad shouldered, lofty upon his fair horse she was alone, drinking to celebratethe annulment of her second divorce leaning spearpointsContinue reading “Conqueror”

Mother, Wolf

A poem Wolf around my necksnarling teeth, and red army gumsprotecting in the night when the bad witch comesI call my wolf, mother for, she was there when babushka thread daisiesin my yellow hair suckled at the teatwhen the larder was stark holding her fur tight in the dark, dark, dark shes not a realContinue reading “Mother, Wolf”

Chapters too, fragment in time

A poem of parts I. II. Light, warmth, sound, darkness, cold, shape. Finger tips searching. Finding. Impenetrable shrouded shield, protecting, as muslin sentinel. Fours on the carpet. Food on the table. Food on face. Food for thought, everywhere.Hope, promise … … expectation … III. … hands up, who knows? Gold stars. Pink cheeks. Red knees.Continue reading “Chapters too, fragment in time”

Drink up

A quadrille poem Only words;tea stained crowncoronated beneath the coiled mist brown as Thames water – worn on the teeth sugarlesspurely sweet talktrading in counterfeit riches- white lies and empty promises holding out his heart to keepas jarred moonlight- gone in the morning. © Darius the Mate Doubling up: written for Shay’s Word Garden, andContinue reading “Drink up”

The nothing we know

A poem She hit him like a champagne breakfasthe felt on precarious footingas they trespassedthe mournful wallsin the hotel corridorit clutched the cigarette smoke as withering keepsakesshe surrenders leant against the doorwayshe blew smoke rings through an exotic redlassoing his dilated pupils she stole his liquorice heart an acquired taste;whether she likes it, or notsheContinue reading “The nothing we know”

Samurai in heels

A Wayra poem The slice of lemonsharpened the tip of Fridaygossip sloshed and fizzed amongst – katana lips cut deep – left red on the rim of the glass. © Darius the Mate Written for dVerse. The Wayra, popular in Peru and Bolivia, is a short unrhymed poem of 5 lines, in a syllabic structure;Continue reading “Samurai in heels”

Back to basics

A poem The door slammed shut behind herfrom an eager thrustperched upon the throneshe braced ready to let it have itlike the noble savage she isher nose upturned, pointing easttoward the squatting pans can’t fight progress she thoughtfeeling a smug airblow past her haemorrhoids I wonder if it’s all it’s cracked up to bethis civilisedContinue reading “Back to basics”

Sparkling, still?

A poem Thirsty, he took up his best crystal glassware from the cupboard ready for a mouthfulto quench the drought valuablededicatedly displayed elegantly shaped and perfectly formed delicateornately arrayed and decoratively adorned opening the fridgehe grasped a readily availablebottle of something fizzyglowing from withinon the backlit rowshe lit a skinny cigarettebeneath his eyesand hung onContinue reading “Sparkling, still?”

Day 13

A poem Day 13, since you moved back inand we agreed we’d give itus“one last shot” working from homeI’m sat in this swivel chair twitching like a downed deerperhaps it would better to put the last shot in my temple you’re across from melaptop set on your kneesheadsets drowning out the silence between usyour motherContinue reading “Day 13”

Vans gotta do

A quadrille poem Life goes off trackveering, careeningsent round the bendlosing its meaning outta shapea beaten up bangerwatching boots gather dust on the hanger Remember;when you’re feeling bluethere’s always somewhere new …a vans gotta dowhat a vans gotta do. © Darius the Mate Written for dVerse. What is life without community? I would love toContinue reading “Vans gotta do”

Murder, and other hobbies

A Halloween themed poem The night is darkas the lady is quaintspruced up in paintbarely hiding her beautythe night is young as her temperament, restfulher glidings zestfultune tapped on the cobbles a Halloweeny teeny bopping on naive plimsolls into an All Hallows’ Eve’ing, haunting the streetsfrolicking in sickly perfume sprightly skin drenchesmy attention – O’Continue reading “Murder, and other hobbies”

Paper water pistol. Pt II

A poem A paper water pistol filled with emotion…fluid feelings found flooding the pockets of his parchment shellsuper soaking the contours of the cavities where his headaches thudding from the night beforethe retrofitted facade of a manbarely holding backthe impassioned puddles forming on his brainthe episodic attack insecurely tricklesin droplets of consternating rainseeping out ofContinue reading “Paper water pistol. Pt II”

Paper water pistol

A poem Mundane Monday morningcrack of dawnbehind the yawningand the night dreams are laid stillbornin the artificial light stirring from a broken sleepto an effervescently frothy top adorning the bitter coffee stirring the spoon in the cafetière purring like a waking kittenhe fills his mug half full“…another mundane Monday morning”thinks the foolwho feels his mugsContinue reading “Paper water pistol”

Construction in Progress

A poem The old grammar schoolin the centre of townher bricks came tumbling downas felled treesconcrete rising rapidly from the rubblequick growing silver birches which burst the suburban bubblethey nest new neighboursoutside the windowtheir worry perches squeaking at dawnin some unknown avian song“they don’t belong”said Mr Quo, to Mrs Quo, reciprocated “first, this, then that.Continue reading “Construction in Progress”

The heavy spoon

A Quadrille poem Her spoon fell with a clang bowl rocked in positionchewing the cudchurning suspicionwas she a mad cow? as he did persistflaying his throat wrenching her wristthe frigid soup a stone in her bellythe familiar tasteCream of Machiavelli. © Darius the Mate Written for dVerse Poets Pub. What is life without community? I wouldContinue reading “The heavy spoon”

A lad in…

A poem 1993under Californian sunfor a single weekthis song charted at number 1Aladdin’s theme was a massive hitawoken from the longest dreamwith a faithful fitI rode a magic carpetacross a dark and mysterious skystronger grew the heartbeatin the 9 months that passed on bytill cradled on my mother’s bellya vital cry and limbs uncurled forContinue reading “A lad in…”

I am

A poem in free verse, with a reading from the author I am the dreamless nightwithout slumberwithout silence shadows lumbera deafening humfill the wallstill it becomes numbingI, to it allbut never numbenough to find stillnessa lively minda blessingand an illness tuned into the world beyondbeyond the window pane -creatures of the night buzz and swarmtowardContinue reading “I am”

The Dentists Chair

An oral poem We cut our teeth on each other’s lipsyour love grippedand rotted awayas tooth decayin the corner of my mouthreclining back in the dentists chairhere, in this placeI’m acutely aware of the colour of my ceiling the buzzing of the toolsdrilling deep into the depths of my being the dentist, all seeing I,Continue reading “The Dentists Chair”


A Quadrille Poem It’s standard practiceto treat disordered emotional states by severing connections;I, the emotional statedrifting through this continuum snatching evanescent fragmentstime lobotomising that which meant so muchtribal connections;surviving memories gatheredtogetherfor warmthlineal pathwaysscattered- fireflies of the hippocampus. © Darius the Mate A poem in 44 words, written for dVerse. What is life without community? I wouldContinue reading “Pathways”

Eleusinian Mysteries

A poem Since, long beforeAlexanders horsesquenched their thirst at the banks of the IndusWe, devotees of Olympuspraised youthe Corn-Mother- spurn the heathen Before even,Pericles had the Parthenon’sfirst stones laid at Athens grand Acropolislest it befit a necropolis I must thank you Demeterfor this grain, and breadwhich with fervour fedall who gathers here, at Eleusinionby yourContinue reading “Eleusinian Mysteries”

Steel & Paper

A poem All transgressionswill landat the wrong time never the right time- no worse time – to bring downwith a heavy swingthe battle axe cracks bones loves cold steelcleaves parts strewn and inert~Sincere expressions will standthe test of time always the right time- no better time -to open upa light thing the battle mapnavigates unknownslovesContinue reading “Steel & Paper”


A monotetra poem Kisses that fall as summer rain,hot, heavy, sudden, lips; arcane,and just like that, downpours wane,to seep and drain, to seep and drain,The soil watered with your grace,darting buds bend toward your face,blooming into all open space,to rush and race, to rush and race,Tendrils slither around each night,in times of shadow, crows theContinue reading “Hex”

State of (Word)Play

Poetic political commentary – freedom of expression, in free verse We learn the difference between right and wrongin childhoodSo, if a child couldjudge uswould they sit us on the naughty step?We know the difference between right and wrongSo, in Hong Kongprotestors are now terrorists?Is this right, oris this what terror is?I support their resistanceThey mustContinue reading “State of (Word)Play”


A poem, searching for my muse Resting softly on my sideon the sideof my non-bruised ribsI ponder where is my muse?the irony is not lost on mesearching the atmosphere at my fingertips the taste of the roomon my tonguethe smell of summerfrom the gardena forever gardenblossomed that circles the circumference of my imagination unendingthe ironyContinue reading “Gingerbread”

Cecelia Seizes the Seas

Flash Fiction “Daddy, I’ve outgrown my dolls house. I need a bigger one.” Cecelia Beatrix Parker-Bardot, sat up tall in her chair, with eyes which tethered to her fathers affections. The maid moved on kitten heels, as she served supper, momentarily cutting off Cecelia’s line of sight to her father, and with it, her powers.Continue reading “Cecelia Seizes the Seas”

Thoroughbred Thoughts

A poem From the mouth of the deltainformation sedimentsdeposits of propagandagovernmental impediments media for the masses a sensory invasioneroding our free willby cognitive abrasioncontaminatedparasitic organismsgrow and spreaddeep in the cerebrumwhere they mutateand imbedwhich silences the brainas the hostsobligingly guzzlebleating in acceptancemirrored murmursfrom the muzzlewhilst the sheep slurp the riverswhich control how they thinkthe horse isContinue reading “Thoroughbred Thoughts”

In the beat, the beat

A chant poem Pulsing, the beat, pressing, confessing, to my eardrums, it’s darkest desires, drumming out the serotonin, honing my senses, defences dropping, beat dropping, Those memories, seventeen, eighteen, mean nothing, without my memory, alive in me, these memories, living, I remember the days, those were the days, the days I can barely remember, TheContinue reading “In the beat, the beat”


An Earth poem for our modern times, inspired by Greek Mythology We the Titans reign,In Gaia’s Garden,Blood of Earthen vein,Through our bodies, flow,Mother, sowed our seeds,Fathered by the Sky,Uranus breeds,Greed in privilege,Fertile soil womb,Who bore and birthed,Held and weaned till bloom,Nurtures our nature,Mother, who gave life, Must bear the burden,Forever the strife,Of her kin atContinue reading “Titanomachy”


A quadrille poem Thinking thoughtlessly,ideas,often forgotten,if not jotted – Slotted,as gold coins,Let bygones be bygones,But,bygone minds,live on,in written word,Sung,and heard,from the jukebox,of ink and paper,Exhumed,when consumed, Risen,From the soil,voices,Oil,the cogs. Written for dVerse Poets Pub. © Darius the Mate What is life without community? I would love to connect with other nicecissists out there. Reach out, let me knowContinue reading “Jukebox”