Blue-black muffled morn


… horn blaring
eye - rolls
I, out of bed
poetry, off tongue

changing of the guard
clocks fell into formation
seasonal salute

6am says good morning into ink
back so soon?

an alarm never wakes one up on time
only prematurely.

© Darius the Mate 05-04-2022

Written for the dVerse Quadrille.

3 thoughts on “Blue-black muffled morn

  1. Excellent quadrille Darius. I found you perspective on the word season and thd impatient alarm to be most effective.


  2. Alarm clocks are not my friend. It was worth retiring for not to have to use them anymore. The honks and the clocks feel linked, but honks of migrating geese, irritated until they reach their destination.


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