Putin the clown, juggling fire
up on hind legs for the liar
the circus bear is dirtied brown
folk tales tell of eastern vampire
blue and yellow tears falling down
juggling fire, Putin the clown

I stand with you, Ukraine in need
I stand with Russians taking heed
those standing up for their world view
arrested in protest, they plead
freedom and liberty subdued
Ukraine in need, I stand with you.

© Darius the Mate 25-02-2022

Written for dVerse.

11 thoughts on “Upyr

    1. It’s relieving to know there’s a near universal front in the condemnation of war, though I’m sure the Ukrainians would prefer more than hollow words, and sanctions. It’s a heartbreaking, an wholly unnecessary loss of life.

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  1. I’m with you all the way, Darius. Those protesting in Russia with an almost certainty of being arrested and harshly punished, remind us that it is corrupt and greedy leaders who make war, not the country’s people. Thank you for speaking out. I always find events like this that trigger my rage and sorrow are difficult to write to, but you’ve said it for me.

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    1. Thank you, Hedgewitch. We humans, seem to become so entangled in things we didn’t choose, or, cannot control – we
      divide into races, make judgments on looks, accents, and familiarity, whilst simultaneously burden a great number of heartaches, ruminating on life, death, and all the crippling anxieties in between – really, the things we can change matter profoundly more. There’s few things I find more ugly, and unpalatable than the extremes of nationalism, and the horse of self interest it rode in on.


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