Wishing well


I came upon a well
deep, and dark
where wishes dwell

flicked a coin
watched it drop
ears listened for a plop




spun and spun
twirled and twirled
the crown …





I wish I was a giant
with hands a big as hills
I’d pick stars, as hands pick apples
and drop them by my heels

I wish I was a ocean
I’d roll and crash all day
nobody could make me feel
like a soggy castaway

I wish I was thunder
I’d roll and crack all night
nobody says that thunder
is being impolite

I wish my words were petals
they’ll bloom for radiant hearts
a bouquet of pretty poetry
in a vase made of the arts

I wish I was a box
marked handle with care
then, all people would know
somethings delicate in there

I wish I was luminescent
like a moon jellyfish
all colours would shine through me
for all to see … I wish …

... I wish, I wish, I wish …

well, for many things, superfluous
- as do all of us -
most of all, I wish I kept that coin
because, I’m about to miss the bus.

© Darius the Mate 24-02-2022

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