Tatar for now


“Fish and visitors stink after three days.”

Benjamin Franklin
Poor Richard’s Almanack
was salting the haddock

- I chopped pickles
for tartar

endless tide
of criticisms
wafting up my nose

on the end
of the


just, assault
this fish
push it in the oven
and shut the door.


© Darius the Mate 23-02-2022

Written for dVerse’s Quadrille, and Poetics.

23 thoughts on “Tatar for now

  1. Punchy, powerful, fantastic verse, Darius. A vivid sensory moment described so well and such a fine satirical take on the quote 🙂

    And sorry for my late visit, I haven’t quite been able to get online being so preoccupied with the horror of the latest news. But I find solace in reading everyone’s poetry today, not least yours.

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    1. Hey Sunra! Thank you for the thoughtful, delighting comment (apart from the reference to the news – no delight taken in that…). I’m pleased you picked up on the satire – if my mother-in-law ever read my poetry, I’m sure she would be as confused, as offended – tongues are attracted to cheeks!

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  2. Ha! Have been there, slowly baked in the steam of negativity…this is sharp, and also full of the ordinary world that can wear down and not inspire poetry, but you’ve tricked it into letting some go here.

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