The origin physique


Chased too far from the garden 
welcome to the neon town
veiny streets where blood clots harden
progress won’t be broken down

the waters churning plastic
cities breathe with iron lungs
meta’s the new monastic
chanting maledictions in tongues

hand held distractions
ping, vibrate and light
human interactions
made on gigabyte

the poppy seeds
that grow in pockets
basic human needs
locked up in virtual lockets

anxiety barks one awake
as a neighbours dog
the bodies mistake
switches on, internal dialogue

have we evolved for modern life
or, fallen into it?
balancing on the edge of a knife
trying to make odd pieces fit

sick and tired of being sick and tired
bruised from the daily beating
neuron’s fired through brains, miswired
society won’t stop eating

in this fabled land
the milk has soured
with sticky hands
the honeys been devoured

white lilies, and white lies
the cortège shuffles in silence
beneath falling skies
angst arrows, kiss with violence

a brave face - a smeared red cheek
moving forth, even when we fear it
the origin physique;
a naked spirit.

© Darius the Mate 21-02-2022

Written for Shay’s Word Garden.

12 thoughts on “The origin physique

  1. You make some sharp observations, Darius, and ask an excellent question: “have we evolved for modern life
    or, fallen into it?”

    I also love these lines:

    “welcome to the neon town
    veiny streets where blood clots harden
    progress won’t be broken down”

    “anxiety barks one awake
    as a neighbours dog”

    Wonderful work 🙂

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  2. Every day there will be in our changing world more and more things we will never understand. I use the simple sounding principal involving the knife, “balancing on the edge of a knife
    trying to make odd pieces fit,” to divide food into two parts, like cookies or Kolaches. I am into electronics and radio, yesterday I ran into a writing of a Picasso receiver that could receive, and transmit also if wanted, up to four slices. That was all new ahead of my learning. I don’t know how to make one or even use it but I do understand what all it can do now.

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  3. I like your central concept and title line, thoroughly original (if you will.) Phones have eaten us, and the modern world spins ahead with us tied to the rear bumper, expected to run.

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  4. This has an incredibly powerful progression, from a very calm if bleak opening–I love “..meta’s the new monastic..”–to an almost frenzied, Dionysian conclusion where angst is sharp as arrows, and kisses are just another form of violence.Your metaphors work extremely well to push the narrative forward– the barking anxiety, ‘white lilies and white lies..” and of course those last two killer lines. I think the question of whether we’ve evolved into what we have become, or have simply fallen like Lucifer into the flames is one we can all appreciate. An excellent piece, Darius. So glad you could share it with us at Word Garden this week.

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    1. Evolved to trust our instincts, we find ourselves falling ever more foul of an algorithmic ecosystem of technology growing wildly in sophistication. I truly believe we haven’t caught up from the portal of progress that propelled us here, naked and frightened.

      Thank you, Hedgewitch.

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