Shadows swallow the earth from space

Poem – a shadowy Shakespearean sonnet

Spacefarers spinning - dark, endless space fall  
no harness fixed to harness what we know
grace falls on candles, windless and graceful
glowing pumpkins, Jack-o'-lanterns in-glow

postage to send rockets in this post-age
counted on stars, whilst earths wealth miscounted
sage advice; to mistrust the circus sage
mounted on motive, where heads are mounted

fortunes be made to the pied pipers tune
terra firma firms misfortunes terror
spoon fed lies, we open wide for the spoon
wayfarers fasting - seek flavours fairer

verses cast shadows of universes
immersed in the ink, blackness immerses.

© Darius the Mate 11-02-2022

Written for dVerse: Meeting at the bar, and Shay’s Word Garden: Word List #12.

16 thoughts on “Shadows swallow the earth from space

  1. “terra firma firms misfortunes terror”

    love the word play and all the sounds in this. you shine a spotlight on the arrogance of mankind, with everybody balling up in fists of pride right now, we need more poems to remind us how much really don’t know, and how much bigger the universe is and how small we all really are. well done

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  2. A beautiful sonnet, Darius, and all the deeper wordplay going on, the shifting images. I so enjoyed these turns of phrase:

    “no harness fixed to harness what we know”

    “terra firma firms misfortunes terror”

    “verses cast shadows of universes.”


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