Clear as mud


Forgive me if I’m wrong, my dear
but, mud is clear
mirrors will shine
and, smell like pine

with a clear mind, cleansed in the wild
free as a child
with muddy knees
among tall trees

you can’t tell me earth is dirty
she won’t hurt me
twee buttercup
but, hold me up.

© Darius the Mate 27-01-2022

Written for dVerse.

32 thoughts on “Clear as mud

  1. This is fantastic! Anything about a carefree, muddy childhood gets to me. You brought so much imagery to this. I remember one of our sons going on a trip to Lowe’s with his dad when they were in the middle of an outdoor building project. He was covered in dirt and a total mess. There was another kid with his dad leaving. The other kid was neat and clean, hair parted just so. He kept looking at my son, even turning to look back at him after they’d passed each other in the parking lot. My son looked up at his dad and said, “He’s just jealous that he’s not getting dirty in the yard with his dad too!”

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    1. Absolutely love that story – I have to (strongly) agree with your son.
      In fact, now it’s mentioned, I’m kind of jealous I’m not getting muddy in the yard with my Dad right now.

      Thank you for your kind, and thoughtful comment. It is really a beautiful memory, of a pure moment.

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