… in the red dress

An erotic romance poem 😘

Shiver down spine 
Sharp pain in side

demanding to dine

- nowhere to hide -

licking stubbled lips
wearing a red dress
blocking the door

with a wiggling of hips
fingers go for the liver

red heart
shaped splatter
on the floor

by the shiv-er.

© Darius the Mate 25-01-2022

Written for dVerse: Quadrille – a poem in 44 words.

13 thoughts on “… in the red dress

    1. I believe the shivved shivered, but, perhaps the shiv-er shivered first, out of scene. Being cold, AND hungry, seems like a legitimate reason to start shivving people. Maybe, we’ll never know. All I can say with a degree of certainty, is the likely last person to shiver, was the guard doing his rounds.

      Thank you for the comment, Lisa.

      Liked by 1 person

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