Care Bear


I just care, a lot.
I can barely bear it.

Baring it all,
I feel I’m not
in my natural habitat.
I lack the wherewithal
to fight
the internal
Bearing it all,
turns me into a snowball
packed tight
and melting
slowly lost.
It can be difficult.
- I can be difficult.
In a state of tumult.
I don’t mean to
be grizzly
if my mood
is black.
When my skies
are drizzly
I brood
and crack.
I’m delicate.
I mean well
I know how to be good.
And try.
Still, that boy
from childhood
always asking ‘how?’
and ‘why?’
who watched
Care Bears
and, dreamed
in Hollywood sparkle.

© Darius the Mate 13-01-2022

7 thoughts on “Care Bear

    1. Well, wrap me in tinfoil, and call me David Icke. We are crossing between parallel universes – it has to be. In one universe exists the “Berenstain Bears”, the other, the “Berenstein”. And in both universes, the British royal family are extraterrestrial lizards.

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