First poem of the year

First days hop by like jumping frogs 
pen sits as stone club between fingers
limbs lie heavy as sleeping logs
where the smell of flash powder lingers

how many pills must one swallow
to cure this poets ache
strummed forth by the lyre of Apollo
ink slithers the page as a snake

chaotic are English words
they battle for peace as sounds roll
try poetry painted to the rule of thirds
imperfectly off-centre, but with soul

elocutionists with electric tongue
can trick any fool above
charming for whom Orpheus sung
now, that’s going to hell and back, for love

the sun rising on hedonistic nights
a solar sea of zodiacal grace
for the love of it, one writes
as the moon falls quietly into space.

© Darius the Mate 03-01-2022

Wordplay Pathway

2 thoughts on “Eurydice

    1. Thank you, Shay.

      Your poem was an interesting take, from the point of view of Eurydice, with Cerberus in tow. It’s unsurprising you have identified as the story’s cunning heroine, with canine companion to suit, laughing in the face of a world that sees women as needing a male saviour.

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