The afterlife

A poem

December, ducking out the back door
still drunk on holy merriment
bondsman, and the warrantor
dangling the carrot of sanity
turkey carcass martyred in teeth
good sense, crying from vanity
the oven cooling

slinking to a lonesome end
the apotheosis of twenty twenty one
naive eyes watch truth bend
with the other eleven wounded souls
skin particles in the bell jar
beyond fickle hand at the controls
the oven calling

ashes to ashes, dust to dust
ringing in the new year
beached and bloated, trust to trust
bullshit guidances mockingly spoken
fireworks silenced, we shuffle forward
sand in the wild wind
life, wading shoreward
us, crawling to the hereafter, unbroken.

© Darius the Mate 29-12-2021

Written for Shay’s Word Garden.

Wordplay Pathway

24 thoughts on “The afterlife

  1. If I were December I would just quit. *** on it, quit. I loved the turkey burned bit, nothing turned out right. Or was there hope to the end, two more days. Fun read, I didn’t get real deep into it.

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  2. Some very potent imagery here, Darius! “skin particles in the bell jar.” I was pleasantly confused by the oven detail but it added to the dystopian feel (which I like).

    Love these lines at the end:

    “fireworks silenced, we shuffle forward
    sand in the wild wind
    life, wading shoreward
    us, crawling to the hereafter, unbroken.”

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    1. Thank you, Sunra. I’m very happy that you enjoyed it, and wasn’t thrown too far off by the obscurities.

      If you’re curious, the lines “skin particles in the bell jar”, and “the ovens calling”, are nods to Sylvia Plath. The bell jar, being her metaphor for her fragile state of mind, and feelings of confinement.
      The oven, tragically, her last resort.

      And here we are, in a suspended state of madness. Quite often, our society seems bent on destroying itself. Fear, and panic, becomes its own self fulfilling prophecy, time and again. I know you too are from the UK, and it feels like, to me, the nations been strung out since 2016. It seems obvious to write, it’s never felt more polarised, in my lifetime, than during this time.

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      1. Hi Darius. I enjoy the obscurity and trying to decipher it, the myriad interpretations it gives rise to. So not thrown off, no 😊

        You know, I got the Plath reference with the bell jar and now you mention the oven, it’s so obvious now! Of course. Hers is a sorry tale.

        Yeah, the UK is more like the divided kingdom somewhat right now. I think it happens in waves and fluctuates. But it also depends on who you are and where you’re from. You’re lucky if you have job security, you’re lucky if you survived covid, you’re lucky if you have time to write and friends to share your time with. There’s still many blessings. I’m hopeful that relationships with the EU will improve in time but not while Boris is at the helm. Apologies, I don’t wish to discuss politics. And excuse the lengthy comment!

        I wish you a grand start to the new year ☀️☀️

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      2. Your comment (and it’s length) is a gratefully welcomed.

        You’re right, politics can be a dangerous conversation piece. Ever divisive. I’ll admit, it can be exasperating, albeit, unavoidable. I have opinions – we all do – but, I’m always open to listen (or read) and have my mind changed. It’s never black and white, though, some things are so obvious, they seem opaque.

        Wishing you too, all the best in the New Year, and going forward.

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      3. Yes, me too! I always prefer to have a chinwag / debate in person and I’m also open to listen and see all sides, especially since, as you say, nothing is black and white. But yes, it’s a deal, we’ll leave it there, ha ha! 😊

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  3. Is it really all so bad? This is chaotic, confusing, dire, desperate. In the words of the philosopher Ian Anderson, “Really don’t mind of I sit this one out.” Then again, I always sit out New Year’s Eve. When I was young it was amateur night. Now, there’s a thousand things I’d rather be doing. Besides, my dog hates for me to go any place without him. 😉

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    1. It’s can be as bad as we make it, or not.

      Ive never had a great affinity with New Year celebrations. Though, I cede they may become more potent at certain milestones. No right way to spend it, however, ultimately I’d put, it’s best spent in the company of a loyal companion.

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      1. Darius, after reading this I checked my comments and one of your was in spam for some reason. I don’t understand why. Anyway, I hit publish but it zapped it anyway, and I hadn’t even got to read it. 😦

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      2. I will be very careful to check for them, and make sure to un-spam them, if Blogger will let me. I had this issue before with a couple of people, and once I mark them not spam they seem to be okay. Time will tell, but I’m annoyed that I never got to read your comment.

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