A trip around the sun

A poem

He was lonely
but it was painless
January came silently in the night
a carbon monoxide libido pill
to kill any drive he had left

Women spooked him
February was scary
he, awkward as a bad wig
secluded himself to work from home
with the ghost of Valentine roses

March marched in, goose stepping
he feared the fierce footsteps
from the attractive neighbour
bringing in spring, passed the mat
outside his flat door

The skeletons in his closet
rained bones when he got himself dressed
old jumpers, and jeans bought by lost loves
April brought showers
so, he wore his birthday suit all month, instead

The nuns take pity
they serve a greater purpose in chastity
yet, he tossed his chances in the ocean
a pilgrim abandoning his May flower
for the savage coast

There they crossed
in the hot corridor, in June
the kitten heeled führer at flat #5
and the hallway acrobat
Spider-Maning by, as an inverted introvert

the weather lady kept him informed
of the July sun he obscured by blind
in good company of the tv
yawns poured over cereal
risen to eat on the stroke of noon

August-us stunk like a dirty engine
the street greeting the window, ajar
stuck to his skin
an uninvited house guest
ruling his sanctuary as an emperor

A knock at the door!
sheathed phallus in waistband
morning glories hidden point
toward terrifying beauty bringing baked goods
Septembers harvest was bountiful

Visiting his vicinal Valkyrie with favour returned
October ousted an oven fresh “Octo”pie
tentacle fingers burned on the baking tray
apples, currants, sugar, cinnamon, butter, flour, egg and angst
a magic eight ingredients, wriggling in the heat

The first Saturday of November erupted
he blew compliments like budget fireworks
dry, between sips of velvety Syrah
her tongue of Egyptian cotton spun chat
his thoughts were hieroglyphs

Jolly and red faced, with festive breath
artificial mistletoe of flashing neon street
a kiss to fruit their flirtations
juice of his veins, sweetened
December ended with something new.

© Darius the Mate 22-12-2021

Written for Shay’s Word Garden.

Wordplay Pathway https://nicecissist.blog

11 thoughts on “A trip around the sun

  1. You never know, even the most dismal year can bring something wonderful eventually. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether one puts one’s self out there or not. If it isn’t meant to be, it just won’t, but if it is, it will find a way to drop out of the sky while you’re running to the store for a candy bar. Or that’s my take, anyway.

    So glad to see you, btw. I was wondering where you’d gotten off to!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A really stunning poem, Darius! Love the personification of all the months, my favourites being April, September, October and November. Some wonderful lines, I particularly enjoyed:

    “awkward as a bag wig”
    “the skeletons in his closet rained bones when he got himself dressed”
    “yawns poured over cereal”

    and the whole of November! Really loved November 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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