Pantomime season

A Quadrille poem

Painted faces
pantomime poster
clowns on the TV
bread in the toaster
the country is burning

“They’re behind you!”
scream the proles
Omicron ducking
behind confusing roles
no. 10 party prepping

tinsel hand-chuffs
for lawbreakers
cheese and wine
for lawmakers
fool me once …

© Darius the Mate 14-12-2021

Written for dVerse.

Wordplay Pathway

22 thoughts on “Pantomime season

  1. Hey Darius, you linked to the Laura Nyro linky and I see something titled “Duplicity” on my side bar from you, but the links come up empty. ???

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  2. Definitely feels like a circus all around, more so lately. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this rate lol.

    An excellent poem all around, Darius. You’ve outdone yourself yet again!

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  3. This says everything I feel about the current moment. We have normalized every sort of disaster, every sort of evil, into something we just don;t want to look at any more. The futility and the absurdity of it all rule the day. An excellent quadrille, which doesn’t look rushed at all. I feel you on the word list. Mine took a long time before I felt I had it in any kind of acceptable condition. Sometimes the words are very stubborn and don’t want to come out to play.

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  4. It’s a clown show for sure, Darius! Gosh I love that poster–where did you find it? Cue the calliope music…

    I’m keeping your seat warm at word list!

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    1. The poster is plucked straight from Wikipedia, via Google – the first picture that popped up, in fact. It was already perfect, I didn’t have to search any further. Quote Wikipedia; “The Christmas Pantomime colour lithograph book cover, 1890, showing harlequinade characters”.

      Be over to the word list soon! I started my poem for that yesterday, and took an interlude to write this, today. It took five minutes to write this, however, after hours of pushing words around for the word list (I’m not happy with what I wrote, I feel I need a rewrite) I think I’m nowhere near done! 😲 just one of those days, where I feel unsure of my penmanship. 🙃

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      1. The word list stays “live” through Friday, my friend, so no worries! You know that when you do finish and link, I will be by promptly. It’s always a treat to come here and see what you’ve created this time!

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