Day 13

A poem

Day 13, since you moved back in
and we agreed we’d give it
“one last shot”

working from home
I’m sat in this swivel chair
twitching like a downed deer

perhaps it would better to put the last shot in my temple

you’re across from me
laptop set on your knees
headsets drowning out the silence between us

your mother thinks you should leave me
I heard you on the phone earlier
she never liked me much
“too old, and too soft to start a family”, she once said
Merry Fucking Christmas

Things with no emotion;
• This swivel chair - although, it gets more screws than I do
• My coffee mug, stained with a bitter residue - we are kin
• The potted plant, sat on the windowsill, which casts a shadow that looks like a thumbs up, across my desk at 3pm, each day. Don’t you fucking patronise me, plant.
• Your face

© Darius the Mate

Written for dVerse.

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26 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. This is both hilarious and heart-smashing in its honesty, which it would be a cliche to call brutal, but which still is. Everything in here, word and line, has proper weight and place, and leads the reader down into that sticky tarpit labyrinth of relationship without ever thinking to grab galoshes or a string for the way back out. I especially like the bullet list. That is just killing.

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  2. Just when I get bored and think no one makes me sit up and say “This!” anymore except Hedgewitch, I come here and read this. It is full of grit, a serrated kind of unblinking honesty, and definite masculine energy without posturing. Plus, the list thing at the end is an unexpected shift of gears. I loved this. It literally made me sit up and go “Ho!”

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    1. Well, thank you very much 😅. That’s the sort of critique one always dreams of – I am very chuffed, for the review itself, and in knowing it tickled the right spot with you. It’s a wonderful feeling, a meeting of minds. Hope to see you here again.


  3. What an excellent use of the prompt! Such situations are heartbreaking, and it’s certainly a poem for our times when you read ‘headsets drowning out the silence between us.’ I love the list at the end, there is some black humour there, for sure!

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