Murder, and other hobbies

A Halloween themed poem

The night is dark
as the lady is quaint
spruced up in paint
barely hiding her beauty

the night is young
as her temperament, restful
her glidings zestful
tune tapped on the cobbles

a Halloweeny teeny
bopping on naive plimsolls
into an All Hallows’
Eve’ing, haunting the streets

frolicking in sickly perfume
sprightly skin drenches
my attention - O’ the stenches
of innocence, consume

piss ridden, vomit splattered
how urbane, the urban alley
dear miss, dilly-dally
lest part without a treat

searching my pockets affectionally
these my murderous hands
for the saccharine strands
of the fatal cord

in this performance
my instrument of choice
to hear your voice
screaming the acoustics

my most valued fingers
are virtuosos of composition
I’m a bloody brilliant musician
if you’d dare to listen

for an intimate show
come alone, come along
if you’d care for a song
and a frenetic fiddle

an emancipating escape
from the violence within
- for I play the violin
as my other hobby.

© Darius the Mate

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