Thoroughbred Thoughts

A poem

From the mouth of the delta
information sediments

deposits of propaganda
governmental impediments

media for the masses
a sensory invasion

eroding our free will
by cognitive abrasion

parasitic organisms
grow and spread

deep in the cerebrum
where they mutate
and imbed

which silences the brain
as the hosts
obligingly guzzle

bleating in acceptance
mirrored murmurs
from the muzzle

whilst the sheep slurp the rivers
which control how they think

the horse is lead to water
but can’t be made to drink

feel the gallop of hooves
on your sentient plain

mental muscles rise up
as you throw off your reign

with the breath of wild horses
empty your lungs

inhale the clarity
smell the stench of lies
as they slide off the tongue

of people
media sources
who push their agenda

and expect you to drink
out the hands of the vendor

spend some more time in thought
use your freedom of choice

be empowered to say neigh
with your authentic voice

don’t merely follow my word
i’m just another opinion

form your own views
roam free
over your own dominion

if you climb on your high horse
turn up nose
and scoff

you will hear my authentic voice
telling you to… buck off!

© Darius the Mate

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