A quadrille poem

Thinking thoughtlessly,
often forgotten,
if not jotted -

as gold coins,

Let bygones be bygones,

bygone minds,
live on,
in written word,

and heard,
from the jukebox,
of ink and paper,

when consumed,


From the soil,

the cogs.

Written for dVerse Poets Pub.

© Darius the Mate

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39 thoughts on “Jukebox

  1. I find myself asking my 83 yr.old mother many questions of bygone days. They truly need a place to be written and preserved. Loved all the internal rhyme in this piece.

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  2. Those old tunes do bring back the memories………….I like “bygone minds live on in written word.” I think that is what keeps me penning my poems.

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  3. I feel this so much. Everything we try to capture with the pen, it unfortunately doesn’t always make it to paper. I also loved these few lines:

    and heard,
    From the jukebox,
    Of ink and paper”

    That is a marvelous comparison. I also love the references to memory with oiling the cogs, and how even if we pen down what we can, it’s what we can try to remember from our minds too that is just as important to us. Just my interpretation, but either way, it’s so beautifully written. ❤

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  4. We can let go and still hold on to good memories, luv the way you poemed the prompt. Nice photo to go with the poem

    Happy Monday


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  5. Solid.
    Heard the rhythm of the voice through out the reading.
    the jukebox of ink and paper…this is what we are doing, isnt it.
    hit the right buttons and that old familiar rhythm
    is sweeping of the cobwebs of our minds
    and taking us to other times and maybe even modern,
    glad you joined in.

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