A poem in free verse

Misty Copeland
A week flies by,
Few words falling from fingers,
They dance in the brain,
Pirouette and sustain,
On the tips of their toes,
They strike a pose,

Preforming for a crowd of one,
In a dusty theatre,
That sees no sun,
But, bright and living,
Whether booked in a playhouse,
Of purposeful prose,
Or, aimless artistry,

Just creating,
To create,

We create,
Because we can,
Fresh thoughts that expand,
Across the stage,
Youthful ballerinas,
In black leotards,
And pointe shoes,

They begin to gather,
Where the shadows linger,
Behind the curtain,
The artists find their form,
The arts,
Take shape,
Sculpted by gentle thumbs,
That overcome,
The riddle of clay,
To display,
The ballet,

Chopping board chests,
Flat and firm,
dainty waists,
Perfect form,
Which bend toward the sun,
Floral stalks,
Lithe and graceful,
Hold up dusty pink cheeks,
That seeks,
Heat and light,
Heliotropic acolytes,

To words that tug on the heartstrings,
They don’t float away,
But, leap in the mind,
Their syllables flying through the air,
Poetry in motion,
Like a kite,
On the winds of creation,

Twisting -
It’s luculent libretto listing,
My lexiphanicism,
In its use,
Irony not lost on me,

And loganamnosis;
Those words which are lost,
At the tip of the -

Dramatic inner dialogues,
Not synthetic
not Android,
And void,
Of heart and soul,
In beating of the audiences applause,

The show goes on…

© Darius the Mate

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11 thoughts on “Theatrics

  1. Beautiful tribute to the muse. Perfect image for the poem. I think that she is Misty Copeland, the first black prima ballerina in the American Ballet Company. I watched a documentary on her, where it told of her struggles, surgeries, etc. she’s had yet keeps manifesting excellence in her field.

    Favorite lines:
    “Sculpted by gentle thumbs,
    That overcome,
    The riddle of clay,”

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  2. I find this relatable, the idea of words dancing around in your head before getting them down on paper. At least, that is how I interpreted it. I also like some of your word choices and alliteration. I like “heliotropic acolyte.”

    Liked by 1 person

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