Minimal Effort, Minimal Results

Poem to minimalist photography

Autumn leaf gliders pile up their brittle bodies against blackened curbs, both hug and death throes.”
Glenn A. Buttkus
Another shoddy report card,
Dragging heavily in his top pocket,
His shoes were shinier,
Than his future,

His excuses were brittle,
Muddled alone in the browning leaves,
With barely a hint of verdant,
They had expired,

Mother was going to flip out,
Verbal acrobatics across the kitchen,
No rolling out of this one,
His knees knocked,

One foot in front of the next,
Sheen faded on the dirtied paint,
He tried to walk the line,
As he slipped through the crack.

© Darius the Mate

Written for dVerse.

Glenn A. Buttkus’s minimalist photography can be found at South Sound Minimalist Photos.

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16 thoughts on “Minimal Effort, Minimal Results

  1. Wow–you really embraced a different landscape with this one. I was never that boy, but I feel for him. “C” students always confused me…minimal effort I suppose. I always loved school–honor roll , first in my class in college; Type A over achiever.

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  2. This particular bit is so powerful; “His excuses were brittle, muddled alone in the browning leaves, with barely a hint of verdant,” 💝 love where the prompt took you, thank you so much for writing! 🙂

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