Beast of Burden

A poem with Symploce, using Anaphora and Epiphora

Asleep; at our most vulnerable – heres a candid shot, thanks to my creeping partners archives.

Beast of burden, am I, who carries this imp on my chest, purring, like an acid trip gone wrong, in sobriety, shivers of anxiety, sending vibrations through my being,

I feel your breath, as a hum, in my body, an itch, as fleas, to beggars, corrupting, with no antibodies, to cure this disease, that breathes through my being,

Beast of burden, am I, who caries this imp, head of a cat, body of a monkey, joints that creak, movement clunky, pale green of ghostly essence, malnourished and sickly,

Like a pickle with hair, matted with feces, limbs of a swine, an aberration of species, face drawn and sunken, hacking and wheezing, pained, as if drunken, on poison, malnourished and sickly,

Beast of burden, am I, who carries this imp, wings of a bat, too weak to fly, with open wounds that seep, putrefying, the voice of babies crying, a thousand souls dying, under duress, and in distress,

O’ why, o’ why, o’ why, do you sit upon my chest – am I, so wicked, to deserve no rest?
Hooves prodding, poking, a weight forever choking, just another soul, am I; under duress, and in distress.

© Darius the Mate

Written for dVerse.

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24 thoughts on “Beast of Burden

  1. Great description and a creepy flow with the repetitions. I’m wondering if you’ve experienced sleep paralysis? I had a weird hallucination upon waking after talking melatonin pills before. Truly frightening!

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    1. Thankfully, I’ve haven’t experienced it personally, but the imagery was an inspiration in how I imagined myself, as the character in this, being sat on whilst in bed – hence the picture, tying into the story. Although, the subject matter was intended to relate to emotional states of anxiety and depression, the fact it brought about that image for you, leaves me very pleased with it.

      It must have been terrifying – I couldn’t think of anything worse than being paralysed and in fear. Some of my most unpleasant dreams growing up, were where I was being attacked and not able to move my arms.

      Thank you for you comment Tricia.

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  2. The repeated phrases and the growing desperation and terror in this is palpable. The word imp makes me think of demons–chosen very deliberately, I’m sure. I can see what Lucy means about Poe–not style exactly, but the inner torment coupled with external images.

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  3. the weight of that burden grows heavier and more horrible with each repeat – so you have clearly shown the efficacy of this device.

    Your words remind me somewhat of Job complete with that outcry in the final stanza

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  4. This is so powerful, sorrowful, and it uses such fantastic detail with the horror scene. This reminds me of Poe a bit with his short stories; a common thread being a descent to decay or madness but with this piece, it seems both physical and mental. After reading this entirely, I was not only struck by such detail but as well the gravity of each word—it had me muttering, “My God.”

    This is haunting and incredibly well written! 👏👏

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