Opulent Ornamentals & Ponderous Peculiarities

A Quadrille Poem

Lent, swaying, pitched on his chair, twirling stache, the devils red hair,

Purveying contents, edge of his rocker; curio cabinet/luridness locker,

– Prismatic jarred oddities, of wonder and fright, fingers of sunbeam, lambent light,

Refractions, grotesque and exquisite – patiently planning, his heads own exhibit.

Poem by © Darius the Mate

Written for the dVerse prompt; create a Quadrille, a poem in 44 words, using a form of the word curiosity.

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Playing with Words

22 thoughts on “Opulent Ornamentals & Ponderous Peculiarities

  1. Well this is just devilishly delightful! You had me at your title, big time.
    But I love love this, too:
    “Prismatic jarred oddities, of wonder and fright, fingers of sunbeam, lambent light…”

    I can hear the whole thing being called out by a circus barker. Just wonderful.

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  2. Your quadrille is swaying on the edge of darkness, Darius. I love the Penny-Dreadfulness of the ‘twirling stache’, the ‘curio cabinet/luridness locker’ and those ‘prismatic jarred oddities’. The ending made me cringe!

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