First Kiss

A poem in free verse

The air was lively and brisk,
The earth was homely and accommodating,
The water trickled nearby with a zestful chirrup,
The sky was feeling wild and experimental,

The boy was nervous,
The girl was calm,

She lent forward, on the invitation of a flutter beneath his shirt,
He met her with darting eyes which searched for unfamiliarity for lips,

They rested, as a butterfly to a leaf,
Tasting with their tarsus,
Beating wings against one another,
With an amateur aptitude,

She led, spearmint ‘chewy’ pushed to the side of her gums,
He followed, out of rhythm, in a minty muddle, with his tongue,

He was in love before she pulled away, carrying his saliva on her upper lip,
She was finished with him before he knew he was in love.

Poem by © Darius the Mate

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