Sand Castles

A poem in free verse

We build our castle in the sand,
standing proud,
upright and pristine,
buckets of expectation,
become the mould,
shaped according to its vessel,
its straight edges can’t defy the breeze,

the winds of change

Grains lifted,
one here,
one there,
but it holds its form,
threatened with nothing of substance,
light basking it in a radiant sheen,
vigorous incandescence,
now time to live inside,
to watch the waves,

the changing tide

It breathes evanescently,
fluid salutations,
never quite hello,
never quite goodbye,
transience lapping up the shore,
grain by grain,
the foundations of your castle,
wash out the sea,
till it tumbles back into the beach,

All kingdoms fall,

Poem by © Darius the Mate

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