Out for Blood

Haibun; prose and haiku

Unfortunately, phone cameras just don’t get close to this quality.
A super blood moon from in 2019, image credit; Mike Blake

I sit, my women by my side, with legs dangling – as the moon in the sky – out the back doors of the van, facing out across the Bass Strait, to the mainland of Australia, from my coastal cradle in Tasmania, rocked by a chilling wind which tightens the air.

Numbing sea of dusk,

Black waves lap over the rocks –

Steal and shape their form.

The “Blood Supermoon”, flying through the sky – pumped and swollen – battles the darkness, in a fray which has spanned the ages, destined, ultimately, to be lost, in a distant flow – of what we call time – beyond mortal bounds.

May she bathe in blood –

Our moons hoary complexion,

Flushed in her frenzy.
The phone camera really doesn’t do it justice!

We are here at the epoch of her supreme power, draped in the red of her own cape, or; perhaps refracted sunlight in Earths atmosphere – it is up for debate. A trail of Infinite energy, sourced from across the universe, scattered in starlight – a fallout of the tumultuous tussle of time, space and all the things which crash about in the cosmos, silent to earthly ears.

Twirling in the sky,

She dips into the umbra -

Flowers in her hair.
Zoom, zoom – into bite size pixels!

Tonight, she celebrates her victory, for the sky is lit, for all to wander in the would-be-darkness, and share in her spoils. The Flowers of May, still hold their scent, as she prepares her outfit for the Strawberry moon of June. Our hero’s job is never done – her schedule ever busy – as she prepares to Clark Kent her super powers, until their time of need.

She’s full in the face,

Drunk off the bloody goblet -

Panning to pale cheek.

Poem by © Darius the Mate

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