The Lion Queen

A poem

Image credit: PeteLeong Photography
She is my Lion Queen,
Rolling beneath white linen,
As sun rises over the scene,
Everything the light touches is our kingdom”,

Bodies dressed in gold,
As eyes patter out curled lashes,
Diaphragms breathe bold,
My mane nuzzles in her neck,

I am her Lion King,
Protecting the pride,
But, she - she is my everything,
Deep inside - she is the roar from my chest,

As she sits up, hair wild,
Yawning to reveal teeth and lion breath,
She’s classic, as old cinema, yet restyled,
Their ferocity muted by loves apex.

Written for dVerse’s Poetics.

Today, we are incorporating movie quotes into poetry. I have chosen a childhood favourite;

Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” The Lion King, 1994

Poem by © Darius the Mate

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21 thoughts on “The Lion Queen

  1. Somehow, I like the last four lines the best, including the “lion breath.” I don’t know. Maybe, it’s just the clever parallel to the lion. Although, as others noted, I’m not sure she’d enjoy that comparison so much.

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