A poem in free verse

Duality; life and death,
A new journey beckons me from the Duat,
The strength to inhale each breath becomes onerous,
The Kingdom of Osiris awaits,

Judgement awaits.
Who dictates my life,
But for my own heart,

Balanced against the feather of Ma’at,
Judge away,
For I am free of sin,
Ready to address my assessors,
A simple man,
Who split papyrus to make bread,
I tore in parts,
My wealth,
To be divided between my two surviving sons,
All I ask, Is a fair decree,
When Anubis stares me down,
Formidable fur,
Rich as the soil of the Nile,
Lit by his just perceptions,
I trust,
Ive lived as a good man,
Yet, my fingers,
Cleaned of my last reeds,
Which residue determinedly lines its cracks,
Carrying my labours into immortality,
Or restlessness,
Shake with the thought –
My reflection in the jackal’s austere eyes,
As he prepares my fate,
Heart in hand.

Poem by © Darius the Mate

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