Waltz of the Ages

A Waltz poem

The Iron Dome missile defense system (left) intercepting rockets fired by Hamas across the Gaza Strip, 14th May 2021.
Image Credit: Anas Baba/AFP
All for a piece of land,
A city old as script,
There was blood in the sand,
Long before prophets gripped,

Canaanites built the bones,
Laid stones that formed great walls,
Ancient foes cast no stones,
In heat of West Bank brawls,

Where rockets dance at night,
Fear twinkles behind eyes,
Right to left, left to right,
Both claim principle ties,

Twelve Tribes in Iron Age,
Two between Iron Dome,
Another day conflicts rage,
In their ancestral home.

Written for dVerse Poets Pub: Meeting at the Bar.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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27 thoughts on “Waltz of the Ages

  1. it truly is a tragic dance taking place, too many lives lost and the pain to it will last so much longer. hope peace will come to it. well penned my friend.

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