Industrial Evolution

Chueh-chu poem

Photo from CNN report:
Last U.S. troops leave Iraq
       Train tracks,
Long since used,
Steam trailed,
Where steel cruised,
Towns thrived,
Lost to time,
Bled raw,
Till veins bruised,

For self,
Or for state,
False wars,
Need/greed fused,
Strange suns,
Host harsh boots
In death,
Black gold oozed.

Chueh-chu is a Chinese form of poetry.

For my first Chueh-chu, I decided to take inspiration from the name, and open with a reference to locomotives.

Chueh-chu translates to ‘sonnet cut short’.

I’ve used a Wu-yen-shih metre; five monosyllable in each line with a caesura (a break between words in a metrical foot) after the second syllable.

It can use a rhyme scheme of AABA CADA, ABCB DBEB, or AABA AACA.

Personally, I loved the rhythm of the Wu-yen-shih metre, and know I’ll be coming back to this form again.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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