A memorial poem, for a cherished dog

It’s been four years since my childhood companion passed away. I would like to share this poem I wrote for her.

She deserves to be celebrated.

For Ruby,

Imperfectly perfect,
Wrong, but just right,
Long snout, bow legs, a nervous disposition,
To shake without cause for fright,
'Runt of the litter',
An easy observation to say,
But, if I could create you again, from scratch,
I would make you the same way

The endless pester for food,
'No Ruby, no beggar beggar',
Hiding bones you would not re-find,
We would like to say you weren't too clever,
Yet, not to conform unto the phrase;
'You cannot teach an old dog new tricks?'
For I had you rolling over,
In dog years of sixty sixty.

In your comic mannerisms,
Hours of laughter you would give,
All the greater to your charm,
An endearing 16 long years that you have lived,
Encouraging your naughtiness,
Now that was my part to play,
Down 'The End' with my friends,
All those teenage days,
And don't tell her now,
But when my Mothers back was turned,
I would feed you ham straight from the fridge,
For as 'my' Ruby, indulgences you earned

Alas, you were but a dog,
These, words I force, to convince myself I'm fine,
Unjust, you weren't just any dog,
You were special, you were mine,
Underneath the tree of lilac flower,
A modest piece of earth,
And back to it, whence you came,
To a time of quiet, before birth.

I miss you…

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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2 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. What a tribute to Ruby! It’s really hard to lose a dog. I wrote about my childhood dog recently (for a different site, not WordPress.) Perhaps, I will republish it here. It’s been years since she’s been gone, but I still remember her fondly.

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