A poem

Vicissitudes of fortune,

Teased by reality,

Youth wore a mask and cape,

Flavour of mortality,

I’m not superman,

Pill of kryptonite a day,

Swallowed with salt water,

Gives the doctor their pay,

Routine checkups,

End up with a shackle,

No meat on the bone,

Been fed on by the jackal,

Having desperate dilations,

Of the believable,

Opt for the amputation,

The past is irretrievable,

Severed at the ankle,

Takes one step at a time,

Straight to extreme measures,

Too hasty in your prime,

Earn wisdom the hard way,

Chomping on impressions,

Deliberate with words,

Liberate expressions,

Bored of the same old shit,

Lets switch up the metre,

Add another syllable,

Maybe two – I’m a big eater,

Stark, is the desert sand I chew,

Dry mouth, no water to quench it,

They call “us” snowflakes, let them melt,

Wet generation, no need to drench it,

Add insults, upon insult, till they cut,

In salts, it hurts but helps to heal,

What’s wrong with just not being offensive?

Because, sometimes we need to the truth to heal.

Keep it to yourself. Sick of opinions,

Everybody sounds the same, press play,

Reel it off, learnt lines, reel it back, fishing,

Thrust with the left or right, it’s all swordplay,

Feather fluffing peacocks, watch the sharp ends…

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2 thoughts on “Deliberate

  1. Lets switch up the metre,
    Add another syllable,
    Maybe two – I’m a big eater,

    Hands down, these are my favorite lines – because I love “meta” – and you used these so well, Darius!


    Liked by 1 person

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