A Queen

A ghazal poem

Tehran bazaar in 1971
My Queens hands which hold my heart squeeze tender,
Whilst lips which taste your body please tender,

Neck sweat, pepper and spice, busy laneways,
The bazaar where merchants try seize tender,

Sultry Arabian nights will shiver,
At shaking limbs, trembling, moist, tease tender,

Moon blushed pale, sharing soft tongues in the dark,
Wolves howling, teeth on skin, ease tender,

Without you, walking bare foot in the sand,
Lost in the desert, hear my pleas tender,

Mapping your body, guided by freckles,
Starry skies carved on marble frieze tender,

I have not the grandeur of Persian Kings,
Humble man working the earth, knees tender,

A Darius needs a Queen to age with,
Together, whisper guarantees tender.

My first ghazal; an Arabic style of poetry with deep history stretching back to the 7th century, later developed in 10th century Iran.

It is formed on an independent series of couplets, that should be able to stand alone.

It must contain 5 couplets or greater, and less than 15.

In the first couplet, the last word is repeated on the first and second line, and on the second line of all succeeding couplets.

The penultimate word on each line of the first couplet must rhyme, and on all following second lines in each couplet.

The final couplet should contain a personalisation, such as your own name.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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