Wild and Free Versed

The wildlife, 
don’t run in front of my wild-life,

My wild wife,
will give YOU trouble and strife,

A cockney jingle,
opposite words mingle,

Leave this line single,

Just because I can,

Thoughtless cognition
- a juxtaposition,

My wild-life,
Don’t run in front of my bees and honey,

Keep that disposition sunny!

For things will go out of place,
There’s no reindeer in Tasmania...

- Dromomania

When you’re feeling down under,
Uncontrollable urge to wander,

Free verse, randomly dispersed,
As pollen, no rhyme or reason,

Out of place, on purpose,
Ugly duckling...

Duck hunting season,
Shooting ducks in a barrel,

Quack quack, goes the ringtone,
On the dog and bone,

We come full circle,
The circle of wild-life.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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