Electric Seahorse

A narrative poem

I won an electric seahorse,
From Gypsies at the fair,
A Roma women sung to me,
Behind onyx black hair,

Born to be free,
Over thunderous waves,
Roamed happily,
Till mans reins did enslave,
Caught in a net,
Lost upon foreign lands,
Now, he’s your pet,
Thus fate rests in your hands

Homeward my electric seahorse,
To drop it in the tank,
It galloped around the glass dome,
Reared up, before it sank,

Our eyes met behind flared nostrils,
A current passed between,
Telepathic kaleidoscope,
Thousand year dreamlike scene,

“Long, long ago,
Night dark and frightening,
Murmurs did grow,
Cloudburst with lightening,
With storm raging,
Elemental forces,
Begun birthing,
Electric seahorses”

Head rattles off the boarded floor,
Mouth frothing, and fitting,
Red serpents puddled where they pour,
Gush forth from the splitting,

Awakening, laid prone and sore,
With new understanding,
Stolen from realms beyond the shore,
A lone Earthen stranding,

“Once swum many,
Distant numbers unknown,
By a penny,
Won away from thy throne,
The loathly shame,
Electric Seahorse King,
Life bet in game,
Counting coin, Gypsies sing”

I plunged into his prisoned orb,
Tread water as I kicked,
Electric seahorse rose to me,
On its spine gently picked,

Me up, and with a zippy zap,
It dived beneath the pool,
Rumbling and roaring, bolts expelled,
He taught me how to rule,

“A Kingdom vast,
Where species will devour,
Can only last,
With balance of power,
Use what you need,
Swim from thoughts selfish stream,
Let go of greed,
Watch how your waters gleam.”

I burst splashing from the vision,
Electric Seahorse King,
Drove to the sea and set you free,
Thank you for everything.


I went to find the Romani’s,
They’re nowhere to be found,
Cartwheels, wagons and horses hooves,
Left printed in the ground,

So, I called in with the Police,
Told them the whole story,
Of the Electric Seahorse Kings,
Realm of former glory,

Behind a laugh she coyly asked,
Sir, is this a tall tale?
No! But, the seed of doubt was sown,
- A letter in the mail,

I tore the envelope harshly,
It read; “Dear Sir/Madam,
We would like you to come for tests”,
They don’t believe I swam -

With the Electric Seahorse King!,
“A standard procedure”
Doctors results said I had an;
“Epileptic seizure”,

I kicked a can down to the sea,
Sat and sulked with the tide,
There was a current in the air,
Between the waves I eyed,

A volt of falling certainty,
Bolt upright, thunderstruck,
Bobbed two electric seahorses,
I can’t believe my luck!
Not one, TWO! Holy fuck!

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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