Sung from the page

Legs crossed in a figure 4, American style, to assert my dominance unconsciously – unnecessarily. Short clatter of glass and porcelain on the wooden table – a coffee – “Thank you” – dimples cove in cheeks – sugary smile returned. A library with a cafe… a winning combination. Balancing leg slides down over the top of knee, to hang crossed, parallel. Much more comfortable.

Nowhere’s better to work for me than the library – “work”; write, read, relax – whatever’s needed. A safe space. Surrounded by the words of bygone movers and shakers, thinkers, authors – dead novelists and poets, provocateurs of inspiration, a symphony of styles, a most beautiful euphony, many voices speaking, inner workings of the mind, alive, surviving in the ink. It’s amazing one can get anything done with so much noise on the shelves.

Sun breaches the window diagonally, spotlighting my coffee, as the frothy bubbles atop the latte dance and pop, highlighting the rich tones of camel, fawn and ivory – assorted as autumn leaves. A short sip. The milky foam sits on my upper lip, applauding from the balcony. The choir sings on, for future generations.

Wise words yet to fade,

Stayed young on shelves as it aged -

Watched by faithful sun.

A second haibun, a response to the prompt by dVerse; create a haibunprose, followed by a haiku. Today’s focus was writing on, and appreciating, the present moment.

My first can be found here; Harvest Season.

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