I enjoyed writing my first sonnet yesterday, so, I wrote another one…

Image credit: Alyssa Ramos

Heartbeat sultry, alone in the desert,

Your love is a caravan approaching,

A nomads flask tipped gratefully, quenching,

Lips to lips, thirsting for romances curt,

Arid dust clouds gust to breathlessly flirt,

Stirred sharp sand lashing, thrashing, entrenching,

Pool of haven – mirage! The void drenching,

Heartbeat sultry, alone in the desert,

Bereft, the cold dead night solemnly falls,

Stars dance to impress, you take centre-stage,

Your face flashes in my dreams as sleep calls,

Vivid as pictures on a glossy page,

Your cheeks delicate as dew on petals,

Drop away with the years, but do not age.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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