Dreaming High

Mum, said I, can I fly, with the birds in the sky?

Yes, you can, before sleep, flap your thoughts, take a leap...

Dreamt of wings, woke in bed, feathers dense, guilt in lead.

Mum, said I, when birds die, do they fall from the sky?

This is my flutter at the prompt by dVerse.

This poem uses an Anapestic Tetrameterat – a coupling of words, which struck in me equal quantities of fear, and confusion.

After the initially apprehension, and a few basic finger equations, it turns out it’s far more simple than it lets on – and near instantly lets you in on the fun!

Each line, has four sets of ‘two unstressed syllables followed by a single stressed syllable’ – 12 syllables altogether.

If you liked this, you might enjoy Feathered.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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21 thoughts on “Dreaming High

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    1. That’s a thought, Ingrid. I’ll let that sit.

      I’m so glad it transported you.

      A peculiar feeling (that I haven’t felt for quite a while) when we start to drift to the netherworld, then drop, back into our body (with a thud). Now, that’s a “out of body” experience. Quite terrifying.

      The times I don’t spend reminiscing and living in nostalgia, I spend breathing.

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