Today, I bothered

Bright page under-lights,
Skin beneath my face,
I space, thinking of the chase,

To snare the catch,
Rifled shot, ringing in my brain,
Beastly words gushing from the vein,

Beating through fingertips,
Bleed spoils of my bother,
Spurting black, eyes wide, I hover.

I’ll admit, I’m a pretty one dimensional poet. I love rhymes and I don’t really deviate. I would like to change that – justify my attachment of the word poet, above – and in time, diversify.

I’m consistently unsurprised by the limited scope of my knowledge and talents.

I write my poems with layman’s fingers – they’re the same ones I use to scratch my head in confusion, and assertively push slices of pizza, oozing molten cheese, into my greedy gullet. If professionals become proficient at their craft through the compounding of experiences, the burnt roof of my mouth is evidence against my standing.

In admiring over the two short, yet valuable months blogging, the bountiful variety of poetry from The skeptics kaddish, I was inspired by his own modest account in his recent post. Thanks David.

Through him, I’ve decided to give dVerse’s Quadrille Monday a go; to come up with a poem, 44 words in length, that’s features the word “bother”.

Here lies (above), my take on the creative process.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

What is life without community? I would love to connect with other nicecissists out there. Reach out, let me know what you think in the comments, and of course, give me a follow for more – nice!

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11 thoughts on “Today, I bothered

  1. I’m glad you bothered. This is nicely penned. And if you come back to dVerse you’ll find there’s more poets, like me, that love writing on rhyme. Also the dVerse community is a great way to expand your talent and knowledge. I’ve learned and grown so much over the last one and a half year participating in prompts there.

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    1. Thank you Björn, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      I’ve always appreciated the symbolic aesthetic of Russian dolls – the gift that keeps on giving. It’s nice when life mimics a Matryoshka, like when the sun comes out after the rain, and there’s a rainbow! Layers of appreciation.

      I thought your poem “Anger Management” was wonderful.


  2. Welcome Darius! I love the way you approach poetry in this poem, those ‘beastly words gushing from the vein’ and ‘bleed spoils of your bother’. Hope to read more of you work here at the Poetry Pub.

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  3. Darius, this is just wonderful. I love that you followed David to the Quadrille, and hope you’ll stick around dVerse for more prompts and poetry camaraderie. There’s true talent here, not just in your poem, but in your commentary after. 😉

    I absolutely love this line:
    “Bleed spoils of my bother”

    That’s gonna stick with me for awhile. So visceral.
    So will: “I write my poems with layman’s fingers…” I just wrote one about my helpless fingers. 😉

    Looking forward to reading more of your work.


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    1. Thank you so much for you kind words De!

      I will be very much look forward to engaging in more prompts – I think it was just the interactive, communal experience I was optimistic I’d find.

      Let’s hope I can coerce these fingers to do good in the world. They send their regards, and support for your helpless digits too!


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  5. Darius, you can submit your poem now, having responded to the prompt.

    First, go to the prompt itself –

    Then, scroll down to the bottom of the post, and you’ll see a horizontal white rectangle with the words ‘Mister Linky’ on it. Click on that rectangle, and you’ll be able to share the link to the poem you’ve written. That’s how other poets will be able to find it through d’Verse.


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